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Burning Sensation on Penis

For 5 months now ive had a burning sensation on my penis head and slight sore foreskin. Ive had tests for chlamydia, clap, hiv and syphilis, all negative. My gp did a dip test that was fine and so did the GUM. I had a swab that found thrush so i was using canasten cream on my penis 3 times daily and on anti fungal medication for 2 weeks. I am still suffering so went back to GUM who looked close and said the penis looked clean and healthy and that it maybe irritation. It all started after id had chlamydia in June, treated and cleared then in September i got an itchy head of penis then it went, it then started to burn and ive suffered since.

Can anybody offer any advice. I am visiting the dr again next week

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Hi CS, Just a thought have a go with coconut oil 4 to 5 times a day massaged in, may take a couple of weeks but could do the trick.



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