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High Risk


Just found out the guy i had a brief relationship is in actual fact bisexual and HIV+ which he didn't tell me. Slept together end of February he was very rough and i bled afterwards, went and got tested last week and just got results "negative" do i have to get tested a 6 months if its a definite exposure, have heard it can take awhile for it to show in people with immune problems. Please advise.

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I think you are quite safe because nowadays you can get tested positive in a month after sex ( if the person is HIV+) but there is no harm to keep track yourself.

Gabby1979 in reply to Wilsonwee

Thanks for the response, it's just the shock of the betrayal and threat that has caused me such concern, if someone is positive they should always tell you before you get sexually intimate and you can make informed choices how to proceed. Harsh lesson learnt.

Wilsonwee in reply to Gabby1979

You can actually report to police in this circumstance but best of luck for you.

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