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is only using condoms a safe method of birth control?

I'm 21 and recently entered into a relationship, neither of us has had sex before but me and my boyfriend both want to. I spoke to my friends a lot about it and a lot of them are telling me that only using condoms is a 'stupid' idea because they aren't effective enough to prevent pregnancy. I really don't want to go on the pill or get the coil, the idea of messing with my hormones is not something I ever want to do. I've done a lot of research and am getting conflicting opinions, am I being too naïve in thinking that only using condoms is a safe method or are my friends just trying to scare me? (most of them have been in long term relationships for years/ were already on the pill for periods or acne beforehand but I have never had the need for it myself).

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Condoms are a great and effective way to prevent not only pregnancy or stds. Yes there is times a condom may break, but there is the plan b pill. I know I personally would use a condom. Birth control can also be effective, they make the iud type for example

Called mirena. Just research some options and see what you think will work for you. If he is worried at all about how it feels with a condom I'd recommend the thinner ones, or ones like pleasure max or the ones with raised dots. It'll be great for you and him. Don't listen to people about condoms aren't effective. Planned parenthood gives out condoms and different agencies so that tells you they're recommended. I hope I somewhat was able to help you at least . Any questions feel free to msg me

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Thankyouu for replying! This has just reiterated what I thought at first!


As stated the condom is a good method but it must be used every time! This may lead to a lack of spontaneity in that you can only really make love when "prepared".

My second was conceived on Boxing Day morning many years ago when I decided "not to bother"


Hi Kar don't know how your going yet, have you started your sex life yet, I have a saying its remember safe sex is the best sex, which it is, on www,dodsonandross.com left hand side your find first time sex from this your get some good ideas, these are in to form of letters to DR betty Dodson and how she answers them, your find her answer's are very straight.

There are many form of the BC pill right down to the mini pill which is a single hormone pill, condoms are 98% the pill is 99% for not getting pregnant, there the ring, IUD, you can have an implant or depo shot, even a female condom.

But your find Dr betty's site really good and helpful in lots of ways, once you get on there you wont come off, any questions in the back of you mind and the ones your afraid to ask, your find the answers there.

Good Luck with your sex life, two things to remember be happy with your sex life and remember safe sex is the best sex.



Condoms are effective if used properly. Trojan Ends have a receptacle tip at the end to hold more semen. For extra protection, try using a spermacide with the condom.