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Chlamydia (I'm new here)

I recently took a NCS test, given to me for my partner and I after having a consultation for Levonelle a month ago. My results came back today as positive and I have a booking with my local GUM clinic tomorrow for treatment.

My main query is: How to share this news with my partner(who didn't take the test and is currently on a family holiday for two weeks).

We've only been dating for two months, and I feel foolish as I don't know how long I might have been carrying this STI or whether or not I have received it from him as we quite frequently have unprotected sex. He says he gets checked regularly - after every new partner. Whereas, the last time I had some sort of sexual screening was 3 years ago, through a pap smear test at my local GP, due to frequent thrush that I'd receive as a teenager, which resulted from abnormal bacteria levels in my body.

My other query is: Is it possible, (or do you believe, as I do that) I received this STI from my last partner?

It was a one off interaction, that happened in a drunken state with a guy who at the time had a lot of sexual partners. He was diagnosed with Chlamydia during that time, however, didn't inform me of it till months later(April/May) after being treated. His explanation was vague, not specifying the date of his diagnosis. The only thing he said was "don't worry, it wasn't you. I know who gave me it." And after my frantic questioning of not whether I gave him it, but rather if he gave it to me, he said "no". Unfortunately, I took his word and despite my attempt at a Local GUM clinic for a full screening in May I did not get checked as a follow up. Only till recently, out of curiosity and since I was given a testing kit.

Now that I have been tested positive, I am afraid that I may be infected with more STI's as I haven't been checked in so long. And read through the NHS STI list and I feel overwhelmed. Especially considering my partner and I have had unprotected sex quite a number of times and the side effects/for-longing issues these STIs can have are daunting and I would hate to pass on these to my partner. Whom might have to contact his recent partners and they would know it could've derived from me.

This has been a complete reality check for me, and from now on I will use this a lesson to always use contraceptive and get checked regularly. But in this very moment I would greatly appreciate reassurance or advice as I have no one to tell, as i'm too embarrassed and don't won't to ruin my boyfriend's holiday by telling me now. And would much rather tell him when he comes back so he can go to his local GP.

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I suggest telling him when he gets back. That will be the time to get thoroughly checked out - together with your boyfriend. That's your new starting point. Then any recent intimacies with any other person should be advised. These things can quickly get out of hand - either through lack of knowledge or not bothering. You are obviously aware of this, plym16 and it's good that you are going to be proactive on these problems.

It's worrying just now but you can sort it out between you. No recriminations either way. Life chucks stuff like this at us at times and then only a positive approach and solution is the way forward. Hope you get it all sorted. Report back sometime, if you want to.


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Dear David,

I just came back from my local GUM clinic where I took a full screening, got on a contraceptive and received antibiotics to treat the chlamydia (even though my doctor didn't really think I needed it, I asked for it to be safe). Having gone through it all today I am not as scared as i was yesterday; but what really lifted my spirit more so, was your reply.

Thank you for responding, out of the kindness of your heart- especially considering the length of my post- knowing you took the time to read it and answer the way you did is truly appreciated. Thank you!


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You're very welcome...and I'm glad you went to your GUM clinic and that you feel a little happier and more grounded than before.

Be brave now - no more scares and enjoy what's good in life.

David x


Thanks for your story. From your story,I know the importance of protected sex and contraceptive. I will also get checked regularly.


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