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GW that aren't going away

Hi. This is extremely embarrassing and difficult to get by with, but I've been struggling with genital warts for 4 months. I've tried everything... apple cider vinegar, Aldara, freezing, tea tree oil, Vitamin E and B-12, and nothing has worked. My warts have spread even more and now I can feel myself growing weary. I don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore. Help me please. Someone.

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100% you must go to a sexual health clinic. I have unfortunately suffered with this in the past and can sympathise with how horrible it is - physically and emotionally.

But you need the proper treatment which you can only get from the doctor - believe me this is the only thing that will work!

And although it sounds silly and everyone says it make sure you're looking after yourself. Being in bad health can make it worse. And I know first hand I stopping smoking and with the treatment they literally disappeared.

Don't be embarrassed (apparently it is the second most common STI out there) and you can catch it even using the best condom. All it takes is contact with contagious skin.

But honestly you need to get the proper prescribed treatment from a doctor and look after yourself - it works!

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Thank you for replying.

I have been getting treatment from the doctor. They put me on a month of Aldara which did nothing for me but make it spread. I've also had 3 freezing treatments.

The freezing helps slightly, but very slowly. I don't have the money or time to keep asking off work to go in every week. ACV is the only thing that's given me positives results in a short time. It hurts, but at this point, I'm willing to put myself through hell to get rid of this.