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Am I the only one

I m a 43 year old male, my sex drive has always stayed the same, sometimes I feel like it's gotten worse, it's not a perverted thing, I don't even look at porn....girls I date I feel like it's something I should never bring up, I feel as if they would get the wrong idea about me, I have a great heart and always have the best I intentions, is this something I should share with a woman in my life or not, I've actually broken up with women because of it.....it's tough to post this cause I feel as readers your getting the wrong impression.....

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Wrong impression? Nothing here to get a wrong impression about, as far as I can see. You use words like 'getting worse' and 'perverted' about something that is perfectly natural and affects women and men in varying degrees. Don't forget, there are many men and women out there who are worried and miserable because of a low sex drive. How we cope with these things is the important thing.

Anything wrong with pornography? If it helps as a form of self relief and helps to balance up your life and relationships, go for it. Try not to regard anything that helps as a bad thing or a perversion. Masturbation isn't a wicked schoolboy thing - and many women will understand the need. Matching variable sex drives between partners can be tricky but is always better if you can talk about it. Women can sometimes worry that they are unable to keep up with a partner who needs more frequent sex - and if they find that the man can masturbate to balance things up, will even help in stimulating ways. Sex doesn't alway have to be about intercourse.

I'm not treating this lightly and realise your concerns. Hope you can, in time, feel happier about something you should be enjoying immensely.


Well said. Thanks.


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