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How long does Chlamydia stay dormant?

Nine years ago I had unprotected sex with somebody who wasn't my partner; I never got myself checked but did have some pain at the time and occasionally I've had a twinge that's passed quickly.

Recently I've been having those pains again but more severely, along with stomach pains etc., and went to the doctor, thinking I was having kidney stones but after the above conversation he diagnosed Chlamydia and prescribed a oneday course of antibiotics; my urine sample has been sent off for testing.

My question is this: is it really likely that after all these years the symptoms will appear?

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You can't diagnose Chlamydia from that story - you need to wait for the urine test for confirmation. Additionally, 9 years is a VERY long time for Chlamydia to lay dormant, although we don't actually know the longest time.