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Pain and bleeding during sex

I am 19 years old and experience intense pain during sex. It is as if my vagina tightens up and almost rejects the idea of sex. It doesn't help that I know how painful it is going to be so I guess that my muscles tense up bracing themselves. Not only does it feel incredibly uncomfortable due to how to tight it is but it also feels like a sharp stabbing pain. I have also started bleeding after sex. It all started about 6 months ago when my periods randomly stopped. I got checked out at my gp because I was having symptoms of a pregnancy. After checking me out even my gp thought I was pregnant so made me do 2 tests from urine and even blood tests because she was finding it hard to believe that I wasn't pregnant. She saud I had a tilted uterus and that it was very swollen. My libido has pretty much gone. I'm not sure wether it's because I know sex is going to be painful, so I put myself off it, or wether it is something more serious. I have started to get really bad cramps really sharp the past few weeks. They come randomly and only last a few seconds but I am having them almost every day.

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Hello, are you still having trouble with this? You are quite right that your vagina can tighten up (vaginismus) and reject the idea of sex, and this can make it very painful. Dr Webberley