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Ovary Pain

My GF is having a problem that started a week or two ago. We do not have anal sex at all. yet sometime we have a sort of anal intimacy but that only happens with a finger, a single finger.

Recently she started to feel pain with her ovary, she's virgin, she never had sex before meaning no intercourse at all.

Is there any relation between that fingering thing and the ovary pain?????

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Hello, there will be no relation between the two. Dr Webberley


And what do u think could be the reason behind this pain??? we found few drops of blood, this was 2 days before her period


If you are worried she should check with her doctor, but it is not caused by the anal play.


Thanks a million for your advise :)

Can I ask another question?

What if she feels this type of pain every time we get into any intimacy situation, what could that be?


Sometimes just a bit scared and maybe just hormone changes of excitement.

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U r da best!!!!! (Y)


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