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Testosterone testing

With so many men suffering with erection problems, who should have a testosterone blood test? Testosterone is important for men and women and levels can fall with age.

Many men are looking to the Internet for treatment for erectile dysfunction, which can be very safe if you check out the provider carefully.

What time should we have the test done? See this article:

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Hi Guys and Girls if you get tested never accept your normal or your within the normal range, get a copy of your results you can always work the out on the web or let others who know, they will give you an answer.

But I'm one who beat ED and do have my get out of jail card, that was a tough 8 months but I did it, see the big V did not really work for me, gave me very bad side effects, so went my own way, which you can find if you google NOWHARDS MIX, this is not a plug but it works for me and still does, but its free to anyone who wants to try it.