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Sensitive Issues for Men
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Research for online ED treatment

Hey guys.

I’m a founder at The Sex Project, our working title for a new sexual health / ED product which we are currently in the research phase for.

Like most men, myself and my two co-founders have experienced ED at some point in our lives. When we recently started looking into the area, we were surprised to find that available treatments were either drug based (and temporary), therapy based (and therefore expensive), or quite extreme (penile splints or surgery, frankly, scared the crap out of us).

We started to wonder whether there was a better way and set up meetings with the top sexual therapists in America. The result was The Sex Project - which you can learn more about at thesexproject.org

We really believe it will be a game changer in the treatment of ED which will bring treatment into the comfort (and privacy!) of your own bedroom. We are currently collaborating with sex therapists and starting to build our first digital product - which will be a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ED Course.

If you’re interested in trying the finished product, we’d love it if you would send us your email (via the form at the bottom of thesexproject.org) and we'll get in touch when we're ready to launch!

We are also desperate to speak with more people who have experienced Erectile Dysfunction, to learn as much as we can and feed it into our development process. We understand how sensitive this is, but having spoken to America’s leading sex therapists, we feel confident there is nothing we haven’t yet heard :) If you’d be up for a quick call, please do send me a private message on here.

Many thanks in advance,

The Sex Project Team

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I'm thinking that since your post is on this site that there's been some vetting of your organization and/or your interviewing project by the people who run the site. Is that correct? Before people are willing to be interviewed we might want to be assured you're legit (no insult intended, it's just there are all kinds of folks out there).

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Nice to see you working on this project. Hope this is genuine. I am diabetic, but under control. I am suffering from ED for the last 7-8 years. I there any cure? I did not try any medicine so far.



Hi S, Sorry but ED is just a part of being diabetic, but there are ways you can have sex to orgasm, if you know how.



You can get viagra free if you have diabetes in England.


Hey sree46 - just came across this on Twitter. Its from 2012 but looked useful, apologies if its something you have already seen! diabeticminds.com/2012/03/0...


Thanks very much for the concern.


This is just a company looking for answers and its cheaper to come this way instead of doing the right thing, its called being cheap.



Hey guys - thanks for the replies.

Jim - we haven’t gone through a vetting process to make this particular post. However we are a legit company (and of course offence taken Jim, totally understand the concern!). If there is a vetting process you can point us towards, we are very happy to go through that!

We are very early stage in our process, which is why there is little background info online. However we are backed by some leading VCs in the US and we are working with the very best sex therapists to develop the product. The project and the people involved are definitely credible - however we are still simply trying to learn as much as possible from as many different people as possible at this stage.

Regarding your comment Noward, it’s hard to argue with that :) We are looking for answers and yes there is no cost to asking here! However cost isn’t the reason we are doing so - going through a market research agency would give us the option of surveys and focus groups, but we wouldn’t be able to have proper 1:1 conversations with people, which is how we feel we’ll really understand other people’s experiences best - which in turn helps us develop a more effective product.

Sree46 - thank you. Unfortunately we don’t (at this early stage) believe we’ll be able to treat ED which is caused by underlying medical conditions I’m afraid. We will ask all users a series of questions to understand if their condition is likely to have physical/medical roots (as opposed to psychological), and will advise those who have physical causes to see their doctor. I’m really sorry we can’t be of more help in your case at this stage - but as I say we are early in the process and still learning, so things may change!

Thanks again for taking the time to reply guys, it really is appreciated.


Is this the proper pathway to sending a private message?


I used Cialis for ED and it works great.