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I'm shrinking

What was 3 inches soft before the surgery (6 years ago) is now down to inch, on a good day 2. Happening to anyone else?

(Was going to post a picture, but didn't think it was allowed, plus NOT being computer savy, not sure how too)

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Do not know if it normal but I have read a few similar posts.

Not measured it but I thought I had shrunk, My Wife say no but she thinks it thinner. Strange as I thought it now looked thicker ?

We have what we have, make good use of it !


You need to keep blood in there. My Dr said use a pump every day for about 10 minutes. I have managed to keep a shadow of myself. I usually pump, use a cock ring then go make breakfast, that way the blood stays in there stretching helping to maintain size. Don't forget to remove the ring after 10 or so minutes, no longer than 20.

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Lots of guys have some shrinkage after an RP. Did they warn you? (They should, but many don't). They should have also helped you with sexual rehabilitation possibilities for after the surgery. You say "soft" so I presume you can get hard (many men can't after an RP), which is to the good. It may not be too late to get some medical/sexual help. Your doc's clinic should have someone on staff or to recommend.


Hi R, So you have lost your manhood, then get over to join and put your case in your intro to the site, I'm sure us guys on there can lead you in the right direction to gaining your size, plus you may even gain more, but this not a quick fix as it will take some time.

But its a great place to be as there is more to pegym than gaining penis size, your see.