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My gf’s late period

Hi i recently had sex with my girlfriend on monday (13/8) and her period was due today ( 17/8 ) but it is late. I WORE A CONDOM and DIDNT EJACULATE inside her. She said that she did not have any stress whatsoever. What are the reasons for her late period? Pls help as i am over reacting

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Hi... If your girlfriend is too thin or has an eating disorder, that can cause her to not have a period or just delay it. Also, depending on her age, it’s not always like clockwork. Try not to stress about it until it’s been several more days. And make sure she’s getting enough to eat. Best wishes.


Don't stress about it. Give it more time. Always put on a condom before you start leaking. Don't wait too late. Pre-cum fluid may contain sperm. Use a spermicide for extra protection.


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