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Im worried😥

Hi guys

Well i had a circumcision 7 days ago and on the saterday that i did it. The bandage that was wrapped came off and the skin returned over the glance like the foreskin before that. And nowim worried. Im scared it might hurt when pulling it back again or i might rip the skin open again.

Can someone just please help me please😥

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No experience of this myself, but I would say it a bit early after your op to worry.

Let time heal and if you still have worries, see your doc.


Have you had a follow-up with the doc who did the circumcision? usually there's a number you can call if you have concerns--it should be on the form you were given at discharge; call them, and I hope they can give you information so you can worry less, or they can ask you to come in and take a look at it. Good luck! it's scary enough to have a circumcision, so don't just let yourself sit and worry.....


Hi tubmeisterdroid,

It's normal for the bandage to come off after a few days. How far has the skin covered your glans?

It's worth calling 111 just to have a chat if you are worried.


By 7 days the wound must have been healed . You can try to pull it back . It may not hurt Enjoy the pulling with some antibiotic cream .Even with antibiotic you can insert within your partner's vagina . Usually internally it is sterile . Moreover the cream will allow gliding Both of you will enjoy . Don't do anything oral now. If it hurts meet the surgeon who has done the circumcision surgery. He will guide you .Don't be afraid.


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