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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

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Is this ******* about, not this enough to give another Mi ...HELP??!!


Sent to yet another Researcher/specialist In desparation as fast tracking is a no no at Easter?


Just enrolled for therapies at Ms Centre At Bradley Stoke but the major ones for whom always had hospital treatment were not transferred to Gloucestershire when moved from London 5 years ago For 40 years 3 weekly saw Prof Malone Lee at his unit Whittington & Cardiology Royal free London since MI .They had also Found Spina Bifida In 1969 Prof Moorhead & Brumfitt

Even though there are many disabilities conflicting I am only getting the medication x15 Saw Prof Walker National privately re consciousness spasms daily on ingestion to no avail unless guinea pig via Dr Schott the Reveal device is not revealing only PAH on installation. The CPAP machine is ineffective for conditions but no Dr in charge there Gloucester Royal . so no oxygen therapy .

Now Dr Challenor last month , Cardiology Cheltenham said will liase with with Dr Coglan/Dr Davar Royal free re Microvascular. As also have Lipo-lymphoedema stage 2 Prof Mortimer St Georges 2015 .

The primary Cellulitus from birth means I need sedation for most invasive procedures causing delay as no flexibility & coordination of treatment even though cancer on both sides of family as well as heart/ stroke , hormonal & autoimmune on both sides of family & DLA achieved after targeting of heart failure symptoms /dysponea 2014 in 1996 .

Prof Ginsberg Royal Free London via Dr Davar has Watchful Waiting on genetic MID? not diagnosed as yet There is also arousal problems re losing of consciousness daily .Had same as ateenager hormonal imbalance Dysmennorea now endometriosis 9mm BIOPSY? ?

NB Have mobility scooters outside because of dyspnoea - Brompton stem cell trial? only able to stand 5-10min this is getting worse.There are 3 prolapse, deterioration of facet joints nerve compression & getting renewed like getting blood out of stone whilst extremely uncomfortable & debilitating can only live on ground floor with mobility scooters & wav vehicle outside .

I Saw Blackberry clinic in Oxford re steroid injections possible PRP autologous or renewed steroid ones this couldn’t do because of AF [ rivoroxaban] & need for sedation. kyphosis spasms has also ignored by GPs re directing of Specialists who had done MRI scan to RNOH for further investigation when lymphedema found 5 years ago yet no treatment except gastric band, gall bladder out [ sediment] abdominoplasty I paid for in Belgium .

Re this think may also help poor urine flow [ NB Never catheterised ] purple on density strip which appears to worsen spasticity & breathing .Can you assist? GP Fast tracked to Dr Francis Keely urology last week doesn’t want to see privately as urgent NB All tests done Urology Southmeads 5 years ago re possible genetic MID & spinal spasticity spasms but left in limbo Wirth no appropriate help locally .I would be grateful if you Could you assist urgently NB Fast track as cannot access Dr Angus Graham either for the Ms Therapy Botox .

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Hi, it seems to me like your running around in circles and getting no where fast, the headless chicken springs to mind. MVD is a coverall for many conditions and would explain many of the conditions youve listed. research cardiac syndrome x, MVD, Small Vessel disease and micro/macro vascular spasms. GERD can also beMVD?

Prayers are with you 🙏🐾Ken

You should ask for NHS referal to Prof Mike Hanna National Hospital for Nervious disease


Thanks what are your reasons for him?