Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Heart Trace ECG

Heart Trace ECG

Why is my heart trace diffrant than my brothers.

My heart trace ECG is the top one of picture BUT why is it not like my brothers at the bottom of picture.

I am suffering hypercute T waves.

But now am also suffering in bottom of my right leg Pitting Edema.

My doctor said as ecg hypercute T waves was same as in hospital ecg after dizzy spell fall he is not concerd.

Could pitting edema cause my hypercute T waves and ecg waves to poit down as edema is caused by fluid salts inbalance AND am i just looking at shift in heart polarity given pitting edema.

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Either swapped over or different leads entirely. What was this taken from?

My guess is you have T wave inversion which for me came and went as it felt like before my ablation.


Hi Mike11 Cheers was taken from lifepulse 3 lead ecg.

I tried moving all the leads round and it stayed pointing down THATs when i grabbed my brother.

To use as control and see if was me or machine .

Sorry to read about your own issues hope you are feeling better after your ablation.

But are quite right as to feeling ill and epersodes BUT this is first time my leg as swollen up.


They are the same.... minor variations mean nothing. Its like saying i have €100, and my brother has €99... you more or less have the same!!


Trace looks normal - NSR. A good QRS Complex with no raised ST segment and a perfect P wave - All evenly distributed. Of course, it is not the most accurate but it is a good guide.


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