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European Month of the Brain - May 2013


Brain-related disorders will affect at least one in every three of us during our life and treating these disorders already costs some 800 billion Euro in Europe every year.

May 2013 has been designated as European Month of the Brain by the European Commission.

The European Federation of Neurological Associations, also known as EFNA and of which RLS-UK is a member, ran a workshop in February 2013. The event, attended by over 70 neurological patient organisations (including RLS-UK), offered the opportunity for member groups to make connections and build resources in advance of the European Month of the Brain.

EFNA will be hosting information stands in the European Parliament in May to raise awareness of the impact of neurological disorders. At this event, MEPs will be asked to sign a pledge which will be used in advocacy/lobbying work in advance of the next EU Parliamentary Elections in 2014.

Objectives of European Month of the Brain:

1) To provide a framework to raise awareness of brain (disorders) research and healthcare issues;

2) To showcase EU-supported achievements in the area of brain research and healthcare;

3) To mobilise policy makers to better coordinate and optimise resources allocated to brain research and healthcare; and

4) To lift taboos associated with mental health issues.

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