What is the most common treatment used for RLS ?

The initial treatment i was placed on was Gabapentin, and as from previous posts you can see that clearly did not agree with me !

I now have to wait till i see a neuro in march before I will get any treatment for this awful problem, and just wondering what i the most likely medication am i going to be put on ?

Also what are other ppl taking ? and what side affects ( if any ) are most common with the medications ? ( hopefully not as bad as the gabapentin o.O )

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  • The most common treatment for RLS is the dopamine agonists, they are the usual ones that are given firstly for RLS treatment,. They dont work for everyone. Its probably best to look through other peoples blogs or questions to see what others take or have taken and what side effects they may have had. As, we are all different when taking meds. the side effects can affect everyone differently...some people report no side effects, some get bad ones... You can also research the meds available, and it will state the possible side effects.

  • Lots of questions. You can read about RLS meds on rlshelp.org on the treatment page. The only rule there is for RLS is that works for you may not work for me or the guy down the road or wherever. It is all trial and error, but first line in the algorithm of treatment are the dopamine meds. You need to do some reading. We cannot possisbly give all that info to you here. My fingers would fall off. LOL so, rls.org health.com (good section on RLS) and the one above, plus the RLS-UK web site will have all the med info you need and the correct information, without wading thru all those that are out there and may have bad info. I , persoanlly cannot take dopamine meds; they do not work for me at all. so we all have to go thru our own experiments, hopefully you have a knowledgeable doctor, too.

  • Hi and thanks for your answers.. kinda wondering why they put me on gabapentin 1st.. Im already taking 2 medications for epilepsy so not surprised taking a third has caused complications for me o.O

    Now stuck on strong pain meds till i see a neuro in March which is helping but im soooo ITCHYYY lol

  • Hi tallula.. the gabapentin made the rls worse.. also now suffering pain all over from my neck down !! Hence the pain killers making me flaming itchy all the time o.O

  • Hi E - bunny, My doctor put me on "Adartrel" (ropinirole), I had to build it up from 0.25g and i am now i am taking 2 x 0.5mg a night, my doctor said it was a common medication to give for RLS. It has helped me out alot and thankfully i have not had any side effects. Good luck with any meds you are given, i hope they work for you.

  • The entiree list is on rlshelp.org for meds on the treatment oage. many doctors do start out with gabapentin. Dopamine meds or that one are both approved for RLS. Either is correct as a strsting treatment, makes a differnece on the patient. It would be extremely rare for Gabapentinto "cause " RLS, or even make it worse. It is one fothe few meds that either work for they don't. IT may not be working at all for you, so the RLS SEEMS like it is worse, when i reality, your med are notb taking care of it; a theiory but something to think about, because gabapentin would have be having a really rough day of it made RLs worse. Have not heard of that nmuch if at all. When in actuality, the gaba just is not working. What kind of pain meds are making you itchy? be careful of that symptom and make sure the itchiness does not get any worse. Have you taken those pain meds before with no probloems, whatever ones you are on? I take narcotic pain meds for my pain and RLS, and the pain meds usually stop it in it's tracks. For MOST. We can;t generalize on meds, because we all react differently and there is no "best med" for RLS. It is all very individual, and what works for one does not work for the next person. I would have raging RLS 24/7 wihoutbthe pain meds. None of the "official meds help my RLs at all, and over the lst 15 yrs, I ahvetred them all. We have to always do trial and error when it comes to meds to find what suits us personally. :) But, we are here. I had computer probems earlier, so was not on much anywhere today. 1:30 am here, so I better try and hit my bed. ;) later!

  • I've been in the Gabapentin for a little over two weeks. It's great for sleeping (works like a charm) but my daytime symptoms have gotten much worse. Not sure how to explain this but clearly this is not going to work for me.

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