Restless Legs Syndrome
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Any one get friction burns on thier feet when sleeping ?

Sorry for so many questions lol

But I have noticed that in the mornings my heels are covered in sore friction burns, similar to what you get from wearing bad fitting shoes.

I have tried to remedy the problem by wearing socks at night, but wearing socks is very annoying o.O

I know im not doing this to my heels when im awake and the RLS is annoying me, I normaly just roll over a few times, or get up for a walk around my room... Could my legs still be moving around when im actually asleep ?

I have to wear safety boots for work but its making it unbearable to put them on, never mind walk around in them lol

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PLMD is "periodic leg movement disorder", or leg movements in your sleep that do not wake you up. That makes as much asense of anything, since it sounds like you are rubbing your feet together. There ae very soothing socks with AloE Vera in them, and they would be more soothing than friction burns. also, have you ever tried the sheets that feel like an "old T-shirt". They are not flannel, but very soft. Could cut down on the friction, too. to have PLMD dignosed a slep study is necessary. kicking in your sleep arouses your brain so it does not reach the right levels of sleep.

RLS is when you are awake and have that urge to move. PLMD is something you are not aware of while you ae sleeping but your sleep partner may be very aware. My poor doggie (RIP) stopped sleping with me because he was tired of ending up on the floor. ;)


I have noticed my dog has started to move off the bed once i have gone to sleep.. maybe im kixking him lol... And i do wake up every morning morebtired than i went to sleep.. i put it down to the RLS as it takes me hours to get to get to sleep ( the bugs under my skin is really not pleasant o.O ) so im normally dropping off around 1/2am and up at 5am for work x-(


As a little reminder, you should probably never say to a doctor that the "bugs under your skin is really not pleasant" They could mistake you for having Ekbom Syndrome, which is a psychosis where people think REAL bugs are under their skin. And, we do not have a psychosis, as some think, we have a neurolgical physical disease. ;)


Because I move my feet constantly re the restless legs i have noticed that the skin on my feet is quite polished also my toe nails are shiny too :)


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