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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Dry / Sore skin while taking Gabapentin

Hi Guys / Gals

Ive been on Gabapentin for 2 weeks now for RLS and noticed red blotches / lumps ( not zits ) appearing on my face, Also the rest of the skin on my face has become very sore, very dry and is even flaking away in some areas of my face ( around my eyes especially )

Is this normal for Gabapentin ? Should i consider stopping it ?

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Yes I have same problem

My feet are peeling now

I didn't realize it was the Ganapentin!


Hi there. I took Gabapentin but it didn't eork but didn't cause dry skin. Have a look on the patient information leaflet. I don't think it's there.


Neurontin (gabapentin)

netdoctor.co.uk › ... › Treatments for...ShareSep 6, 2012 – As gabapentin reduces the release of this neurotransmitter it can also be used to treat nerve pain occuring as a result of damage to or a disturbance in the function ... This medicine may sometimes cause severe skin reactions


E-bunny look on this link, check if its anything like you skin problem


arrrrr........... that got me wondering....now..... i had dry patches on my face then it went .... now thinking about it , it was about the time i was on Gabapentin can't be 100% for sure just seems about the same time that was a couple months ago the dry blotches have gone now hmm... thanks for bringing that to my attention something to look out for in future :)

everyone react differently to meds as we all know ....


CALL your doctor when you start any new med and someting like that happens.


Hi ive been trying too call my gp/practice nurse for 2 days.. i have even left messages with my epilepsy nurse ( as it is classed as an anticonvulsant ) but no one is available o.O


well ring again, and insist that you need to see someone, or go to the practice yourself


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