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Hello! Another new recruit

Hi All,

i joined up a couple of days ago and already feel my RLS knowledge base has increased manyfold. Thank you. Yes, I'm feeling desperate - I hate the trial & error side of our medications. It seems like I'm swapping unpleasant side-effects, but with no real improvement in the RLS. I would negotiate with Faust for a night's quality sleep. I wondered if anyone used sleeping tablets only on an irregular basis? I know this is only masking the problem, but when nothing seems to help........


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Hi, i have never used sleeping tablets, i am not sure they would work.

What have you tried or are trying right now for your RLS.


Thanks you 2 for the welcome. I have had tramadol, zapain, amytriptyline & clonazepam - all separately. None of these worked for me. From what I've read I am very disappointed by the specialist who advised that I try amytriptyline - it was horrid, and made me feel worse: useless. The clonazepam had the half life of a planet, I felt wobbly and gormless the following day. My gp has mentioned pramipexole, but I am nervous of the dopamine drugs, because I already have their side-effects with my RLS i.e light headed, headaches, fatigue & nausea. Currently I am off work, but the pressure of going back, feeling washed up from no sleep is making me even more anxious. I am likely to rely on medication, because all the 'natural' changes of lifestyle and habits have not helped me.



Welcome genorm, I have tried a cocktail of different meds, I have found that the amytriptyline and tramadol have worked for me. But I do take methatrexate and a steroid for my other conditions So it could the combination of all of them. I did have a break from the methatrexate for a month and I did have rls some nights. I might try again when I come of the metha. again for another month. Does my reply seem disjointed ?I am standing up typing this because the legs are doing a dance all of their own, it is also 3am and I should be in bed, good night all of you. x x


Hi Genorm :)

welcome to the site although sad to see you had to find us out ,

Amytriptyline made my RLS worst not that mine can get that much worst lol well........... hope not other than when i tried the Patches .. they sent my RLS crazy :( ,

the other symptoms sound more like Fibro so guessing you have that too ?? not nice eh!

I see your a local me lol



That is hard when the meds give side effects and you have to work... the dopamine meds give me side effects too. but i am sensitive to ALL the meds and i thought i was the only one who suffered with on going side effects, would be ok if they wore off...!!

Not many of us find that all the natural changes of lifestyle and bad habits help or even the home remedies, and dont buy anything of the internet thats says they have the "cure" for RLS, cause they dont, they just want your money...

You could just try pramipexole while off work, see how that goes...


you know i suffer same as you do with side effects and meds .... tried everything so far ggrrrrr only work for so long then boooooooom RLS craze............ walking the ceilings not to mention walls ..... the effect takes a few days to get out your system ...

RLS one them crazy things where's everyone different and no one drug combo works for one and for another ....

defo lots of crankies out there out to make a fast Dollar ... from others downfalls and sufferings sadly some listen to them ... and usually when they're so desperate they'll try anything .


Sleeping tablets work great for my rls...unfortunately im a recovering addict and have to be very careful...but they don't work long time for me as I acclimatise very easily.and have to take More and more. So I don't use them unless I really really need to.....but worth a try.......

Also don't dismiss what is advertised on the internet...just be careful...and sensible....there just might be something on there that will work for one or more of us!!!!! Open mind people!!!


Sleeping tablets make it worse for me, they don't stop the RLS, they just make it more of a nightmare to have to get up and walk around when I can hardly open my eyes. But they do seem to work for some people.


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