Suitable medication for RLS Sufferrers

Can anybody tell me which Anti depressants, Painkillers and Sleeping tablets are less likely to cause exacerbation in RLS symptoms?

My RLS is reasonably controlled with Premipexole, but I still do not sleep well, Partly because of pain, and I think possible return of Depression.

I have a lot of Back problems and now also joints, tummy, dry eyes and mouth, so I suppose it is not surprising about not sleeping, but it really is having a bad effect on my overall health now, Any help will be appreciated, Thank you.


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  • Look at this website the treatment page gives a list of antidepressants to avoid and other meds which can make RLS worse, and which ones are ok to take. You can email the doctor on that site and ask him a question, he is an expert on RLS and he will answer you in 24-48 hrs.

  • Yes, I can verify that "Trazodone" which is an Anti-Depressant definitely does not make my RLS worse and it has a sedative affect which will help with sleeping. This is known as one of the only Anti-Depressants NOT to aggravate RLS. I was on Amitripylene before this and this really made my legs worse, I felt like I had Coca Cola in the veins in my legs, lots of fizzing going on day and night, but when I changed to "Trazodone" it went back to normal and if anything I would say my RLS may have improved slightly.

  • Thank you so much for this information, I do appreciate it!

    I also had problems with Amytriptilene.


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