Nightdancer can you give me more information

I recently gave a summary of my appointment with a Dr Charihudi and he recommended

Neuro patch.

You made some comments about him being a spokesperson for the drug company which is a bit worrying if he is prescribing this drug because he has an insentive to.

May i ask where you got your information from, you mentioned you googled it.



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  • I have been on the 2mg patch for almost a month and it works for me. The 1 mg did not work, but once I started on the 2mg, it has been great. Hope it lasts and good luck.

  • I was very interested to know more about the appointment either 'Nighdancer' or 'Baqmbisoloved' had with a doctor, but have been unable to find anything further. Can someone please direct me to the original post, I would be most grateful,Thanks!

  • I did not write about an appointment with a doctor. Must have been bambi, but some of those have been deleted for rule infractions.

  • Hello madfol

    It was me who oridginally posted the question

    The question was - I saw Dr Ray Caudhuri at Kings Collage Hospital yesterday. He reccomended Neupro patch. Can anybody give me some advice 23rd Nov 2012

    Click on questions and its on the second page


  • like all dopamine meds, if it suit you its going to weork ok, if it doesnt suit you its not, i used to 2 years ago and it was fine for me, until it stopped having any affect on my RLS

  • I remeber googling him, and under his references, it listed him as a paid spokeman for the drug comapny, but that is not unusual. If you ahve not tried the patch yet, I would still give it a go, since it is an approved treatment, whther he gets paid or not. :)

    sorry it took so long. I have been REALLY busy with all my groups. It is busy season for rLS. ;) I found the info on him on one of those web sites where they have the doctor's references listed, where they went to school, etc. I will look at your original post, too, and see if I am missing something. what meds have you tried, and do you feel that the patch might be a good thing for YOU?

  • Hello Elisse

    Does Being on the Neupro patch help you sleep and help your RLS ?


  • Yes, it does, i can sleep and it stops the RLS. As with any medication, its trial and error what works. Its just a matter of trying, as with any med. no one knows if it will work for them til you try...

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