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Hi There - I have had RLS for about 7 years now and am on a combination of Ropinirole (2mg) and Sinemet.

I have recently been getting really bad night sweats (approx 5 times a week) - waking up and being saturated in sweat. I also seem to be producing a lot of saliva and having to swallow more regularly. Does anyone else have similar conditions and know whether they may be related or not?



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  • Good evening to you

    I would not be surprised if the sweat and salvia could be traced back to side affects and medicine. I recognise the increase in salvia production but in my case a lot of the salvia seems to go out of my mouth, not very pretty. Thanks for making me aware of the possible connection.

  • Exessive "drooling" or salivation is one of the least disturbing effects of dopamine meds. :) But, yes, it is listed in the drug info you the at the pharmacy. Can I ask if you are female or male? :) YOu have been taking these meds for 7 yrs, so if the night sweats are new, and they can be brutal, could it be something else like menopause starting; not knowing your age or gender liits my answer here. LOL

  • Hi there

    Thanks for responses so far.

    I am male and 38 years old so probably not the menopause :-)

    I had the sweats a few years ago but they stopped after a couple of weeks whereas now they are pretty constant.

    I have been told by Dr Chaudhuri that there isn't a connection and I'm not getting very far with my own GP and so am a little unsure as to what they could be.


  • Hello

    I have been on ropinirole for over two years now and I have been having night sweats and nightmares for about that time. I have been having night sweats before but its getting worse. The nightmares especially. I don`t know if it is the ropinirole as I am taking an awful lot of medicine, i.e. anti depressants, steroids for rhum. arthritis, propranolol venlafazine

    and salazopyrine.

    I have been on steroids for nearly 20 years and I`m trying to cut them down with the help of my rhumatologist.

    I felt I had to tell my story, a few months ago I fell down some steps rather nastily and I literally smashed my wrist. They wouldn`t give me a general anesthetic as I have a bad liver now so I was on the table for nearly 2 hours and before that an hour in the pre med room where I was subjected to this horrible pain with the surgeon trying to cut off my nerve somehow, it was like electricity all up my arm.

    The thing I am coming to is that I started the RLS on the operating theatre and I couldn`t do anything about it. My legs were kicking up and down and the operating assistant asked what it was and the surgeon said oh its just muscular dismissing it as if I was some sort of nut. This was in a french hospital - I live in france - I don`t know if he know I could understand him but I really thought if you had it mate you wouldn`t be so dismissive.

  • Wouldn't it be great if all doctors were given drug induced RLS for a week as part of their training? It wouldn't be so bad for them because they'd know the end was in sight, but at least they'd know what we're talking about.

  • It sounds cruel but I do agree. If they only knew exactly what we go through more would be interested in treating it. However I would be too worried that they would be left with it as meds can induce RLS. It's a good idea in theory.

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