Restless Legs Syndrome
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anyone used Gabapentin?

I have badly trapped nereves in my legs topped off with serious RLS. Have been on Pramipexole for 3 yrs. Only satisfactory pain relief I have used for my trapped nerves is Morphine with Codine. Have now been advised to try a Marifen Pain Patch alongside Gabapentin instead of Pramipexole.I was completely reliant on Pramipexole, don't want to become reliant on Gabapentin. I will stop taking the morphine when I get an Epidural injection in a few weeks toime. Any answer apprciated please! Many thanks!

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Madfol - I know from reading on here that Gabapentin doesn't help everyone, but personally it's saved my sanity. I put up with years of relatively mild pain; cramps and twitching legs; no sleep and the side effects of painkillers - codeine especially which also screws up your body in other ways [terminal constipation for one!]. When my RLS got worse I found this website and did some research, visited my GP and [God bless him] he gave me Gabapentin. The symptoms stopped almost immediately. G also appears to be the cheapest med. that they can prescribe for RLS, so that could be a factor in getting it , in these days of GP budget worries.

Really hope it will work for you.



I have tried gabapentin and also pregabalin which is a spin off of gabapentin. It does help lots of people with nerve pain and RLS sufferers. It didn't help me at all so as was the case with dangernouse I am on oxycontin which helps but by no means is it the answer. I don't have a supportive GP unfortunately. PK


I have been on Gabapentine off and on for quite some years. Mostly off, because it doesn't do anything for me. At times I'll try it again out of desperation but don't feel any difference.

When I asked the neurologist I saw recently about this drug he said it was like "candy" and didn't really work, as far as he was concerned. Of course, that was just his opinion, but it has been like that for me to be honest!


Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the trouble to reply to my query about Gabapentin. Many were very helpful, but even so the replies were very much appreciated and suprised me with the level of compassion and will to offer consolation, so again , sincere thanks!

I think I will give the G. a try when I have resolved the issue of my trapped nerves, which leads me to my next question,

Has anyone endured trapped nerves with RLS as well?

Last week I went down the route of Medication and Drugs!

It has proved disastrous. I took Morphine, with Codeine and altho' this lessened the depth of pain from the nerves and weakened the RLS, it left my leg feeling like a ton weight and almost completely numb.

Added to that was the extreme fatigue and dizziness, vomiting and'Terminal Constipation'(as Dangermouse put it!).

Today I have been off Morphine for about 15hours and the Nerve pain has returned with a venegnance. Last night I had no more than 75mins continous sleep- it is almost unbbearable!

Has anyone any experience of dealing with this or any suggestions at all?

NB (I am on the "Waiting List" foir an Epidural Injection which promises to eliminate the Nerve pain until further appropriate treatments can be put in hand.


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