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what are you doing?

How about a blog where we can say what we are doing to get through the night? (or day) not a place to discuss drugs and histories. just a place to blow off steam without needing advice if you see what I mean. It gets lonely in the wee small hours!

I had 3 hours good sleep, woke up at midnight ! done some e mails, watched Corrie and now am about to lay a carpet in the kitchen!!

What are you up to ????

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reading this when i should be asleep lol went to bed nodded off woke up... watching Don't tell the bride yawn.............. nothing else on came on here have a neb.. thinking is it worth going to bed and trying again seeing i've got to be up at 6 and if i do go will i hear the alarm go off if i happen to go to sleep hmmm..... ,,

hope you go back to bed and sleep :)


You too Gypsy. well the carpet is down..need some sticky for the edges and the back door needs trimming...bit too noisy to do now!!!. I think I`ll go see a bit of desperate housewives and see if I can get to bed. start work at 1pm tomorrow so thats not too bad!


yeah would be bit noisy to do that time of day specially if you've got other folk in the house lol,

i tried having a kip on the sofa but it didn't happen :( bored now so going for a bath had to wait till now ....really must report the water tank make one hell of a noise when its filling up worried in case it wakes the neighbours lol ,

hope you managed to get a couple hours


Well, I tried to go to sleep without taking a hot bath cause my skin is starting to itch. So I decided to bring the dogs downstairs, have some ice cream and get on my bridge network. My new Neurpro patch seems to be working quite well. So Im not having an attack of RLS , i dont think.



Hi fólks

This is a good idea. I had a good night. Good three hours sleep. When I woke up, I went into the living room. Put on my mobile video, found a audiobook to listen to. Dozed off for a short while.

So now I am sitting comfortably, knitting a shawl and listening to a book.

In between I have had a look at my mail

I hope your RLS is on holiday just now, like I think mine is.



Same here, I often can`t seem to sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time, which leaves me with a lot of time to fill. My laptop is a great boredom buster. I can surf the net, or watch stuff that Iv`e recorded on tv. At the moment I`m just answering my emails, & then I`ll have a bath & watch tv until I`m tired enough to go back to sleep.


I had a restless legs free night again last night by eating hardly any protein with my meal at around 6.30pm. I had 3 squares of dairy milk for pudding!

I'm going to have salmon tonight so will report back tomorrow!


How very very annoying!!!!! (Insert curses where ever) . I have had the first rls free night in I can't remember how long...for which I am really grateful.....BUT I STILL DID NOT GET ANY SLEEP!!!!!! My body has forgotten only happens when I am completely exhausted...

So spent the night comfortably reading!


I wasn't asleep until 4am, Just could not get comfy so watched a load of documentaries on bbci player and 4od lol xx


Sitting making jewellery it's 4:47 am I have not got jiggy jiggy legs cos this nupro patch works great but its from all those sleepless nights suffering with the jiggy jiggy legs that I now have a bit of insomnia :-( hope you are all sleeping :-)


It's very quiet on the everyone asleep? Happy Halloween everyone x x


Watch it sunshine.....I've been practicing my fire breathing!!!!


Hello again....I've had the troubles all around my pelvis for the last few never seems to go unless I move I've just been doing 2 hours of heavy digging in frosty half frozen ground and come in to make a drink ...sat down and it's still there!!! Ok off to lay a crazy paving path type thing putting in some pretty stones in some sort of design.!


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