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Read all the blog's and question's since i joined, and i must say, there's some good info for us here.

But there's a lot of conflicting stuff also, and while i think we need to find out as much as we can for ourself, we need to be wary of everything that's written.

We are all individual's, and need to have a care, its your health, its up to you to check things out for yourself, dont want to make thing's worse for ourself do we.

Also before anyone shoots me down, i add, we need to look after ourself.

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You are right. There is conflicting info here, because all of us have our own RLS experiences. Some are severe, some are mild, it runs the full spectrum. I always give reputable web sites, so that people CAN look out for themselves. Knowledge is power, and all of that. :) "What works for one does not work for the next person". "It is all trial and error". I could type that in my sleep. :) The disclaimer on this web site is golden, as on my group pages. That is why there are disclaimers on every page. he thing about information on this kind of board, it is opinion, conjecture, facts all mixed up into one. It is our feelings and how we cope personally. Not shooting you down in the least. I know in my groups, I send out a list of great, expert RLS web sites when someone joins, and I expect them to look at it. We love to to try and help everyone, but like you say, we have to watch out

for our own health, and take the rest in stride. I do expect some level self research in MY groups, which are moderated every day. People who can help us help themselves are working on it, and it shows. I totally get what you are saying, and no argument here. :)


I agree, yes we do need to look after our own health, as it says at the side of this page, views expressed are those of individuals, If when we are asked a question, we can only answer from our own experience. Nightdancer puts up good websites to look at and i have done the same....I always do research on a medication i havent heard of or a supplement that some is taking on here if i dont know what it is. Knowledge is power, and doing your own research on medication, supplements or anything that concerns RLS, will give you a better understanding on RLS, what not to take, what to avoid, what can be taken.

At the end of the day, we are all just trying to help anyone who is looking for answers, thats all we can do, the rest is up to the person who is asking....that is done by discussing it with their doctor or healthcare person. That is also said at the side of this page...


Now I feel guilty..sorry guys. I stink at communications..

I will try to read more, say a lot less...

Looking back at the conversations, I should put a cork in it and

let experience talk..

I'm newer and just so overwhelmed by all of the information out there.


hi, Yikes, i'm newer than you if you check.

I think we are all here to listen, to learn, and support, mostly support i think, anything less, and i doubt we should be here at all.


Thats not whats being said Yikes, we help when we can, thats what this support group is for. Thats what any support group is for. :) But sometimes, we need to take charge of our own health. Regardless what any advise is given on here. The advise on here is mostly good advise, lots of people find stuff out that they have never heard of and its a learning curve for alot of people. We share what we know thats all we can do. Its also not just advise that thats given on here, it support when anyone is having a hard time with their RLS, we are hear to listen. :)


the trouble with RLS is we know so little about it, it's like walking through fog so when we discover somthing by chance that may have accidently worked for us we like to pass it on to see if it will help others but it is trial and error and I hope someone in the medical business does more research for us soon.


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