RLS in The Sun on Sunday

A question was put to Dr. Hilary Jones in today's 'Fabulous' magazine, which accompanies the Sun on Sunday. Dr. Hilary provided a more sympathetic, informed and understanding response than we have seen in other recent articles. At the moment I cannot find an online link to the piece but will do so as soon as I can and publish it on this forum. 'Fabulous' magazine has a circulation of over 2 million per week.

For the moment, I would just like to say that it is reassuring that we are seeing more coverage and awareness-raising of RLS. We now need to work to ensure this coverage is collectively better informed!

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  • hope you can get a link Daragh, hes the doctor thats on TV a lot isnt he ??

  • That's right, he does quite a bit of work on morning tv.

  • I like Dr. Hilary Jones.....thank goodness a doctor on tv that knows about RLS... Oooh i hope you can get a link to it..... :)

  • I mean in a newspaper magazine.....LOL... even tho i hate the sun paper....

  • Ooooooh, been to try to see if i can find what he said online, but its not showing... :(

  • ive sent out a request to get the paper...lol

  • Who too....?

  • my old man :) if he gets it will let you know petal

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