Restless Legs Syndrome
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Fed up !!!!

I know I'm not the only one suffering with this, but my husband suffers too as most night I am kicking the living daylights out of him (not intentionally I might add) !!

I am taking 2mg of Ropinirole every night and I'm still kicking and fidgeting - asked my doc if I could take more , he said no at the moment!!! So last night I took double the dose !! Apparently I didn't kick !!

My question is, does anyone know if there is something I can take other than tablets which might ease the pain etc

I am truly at my wits end now and to top it all, my legs have started to go mid afternoon !!!

Please help ......

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sounds like augmentation, when the drug turns on you and make the rls worse, maybe you need a change of meds, Ropinerole is one of the worse meds for doing that to you, i had it also, and changed to the neupro patch, the worked better for me at the time, hope you can get your doctor to see reason


My husband threatened to rope tie my legs because I have hurt

him in my sleep. I have arms that fly when I'm sleeping as well..

In a dead sleep, my arm raised up, and I swatted my husband's

wiener very hard like I was killing flies....He moaned pretty loud

and was quite angry at me...since then, he faces away when

sleeping, I feel like a monster..=/ My husband is going with

me for the start of working on this problem...he doesn't like

being kicked, hit, punched, tortured at night while I know nothing

about it. I walk, talk and hurt in my sleep...that's's gotten

much worse since starting Paxil, Pain Killers.


Hope you can get it sorted Yikes. I know that many couples actually have seperate beds, so their other half doesnt get disturbed.... or kicked and punched...


if your rS is showing up earlier than it used to, then your are augmenting on Ropinerole. is your doctor openminded, and does he/she know about RLS, and that there are other meds that can be prescribed for RLS? different classes of meds? The best web site for the list of meds that are used for rLS is the treatment page of, and go to down to the list of "Drugs and Foods to Avoid". You may be able to work something out on there. It IS a US site, but the treatment page is golden. Even over the counter meds can exacerbate RLS, so very importnat to make sure whatever you are taking, no matter what it is for, is not making your RLS worse. My guess is the Ropinerole has stopped working for you, and your poor husband. Lots of people sleep in separate beds for SLEEP. It makes everyone happier in the morning. have you had a sleep study? You ovbviously have RLS, since you say it is starthg earlier in the day, but you also need a diagnosis of PLMD, which is Periodic Limb Movement disorder, and you ahve to have a sleep study for that dx. f course, we can guess with pretty good accuaracy that you have both disorders, sinc eyour husband can attest to the fact that you have PLMD. PLMD is when "asleep", and it can cause you not to reach the right stages of sleep, when you do sleep. RLS is awake, that "urge to move", so it does sound like you have both and should see a sleep doctor next.


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