Restless Legs Syndrome
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Ihave suffered with RLS since i was 20. I am now 67. It has got worse with age.since hitting 60 it has been intolarable. I have been given anything from tranquillzers to pain killers.only this year did a new doctor perscribe ropinirole.A bit hit and miss but the best tablets i have ever had. I can get rest at night.


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its seems rather a shame that it has taken all of this time for you to get a medication that will give you relief from symptoms. although Ropinerole is relatively new it has been around for a few years. I wonder did you have a blood ferum serum level test done. You want this to be as near 100 as possible to lessen the chances of augmention from the ropinerole. And upon getting your result please ask for the actual level as most doctors consider around 20 to be normal. But it is not high enough for an rls sufferer.


Thank you for information. for all the years i have suffered i have never heard of any tests.I have to see my GP this week to see how I am getting on with ropinerole.I will ask about a test. cumoneileen


Hi Jumpylegs, where have you seen that a high blood ferum serum level will lessen augmentation when taking ropinerole. As far as i know augmentation has nothing to do with that test...


hmmm, im with Elisse here, we are talking about Ferritin levels, they have to be higher for us with RLS but im thinking they now recommend it to be 75, correct me if im wrong, and i also thought augmention had nothing to do with this test ??


First may I apologise. My post.... the first answer should have read ''' blood ferritin serum level'' and not 'ferum' And my understanding is that if the ferritin is up near 100 then this lessens the chances of augmentation from using a DA such as requip or mirapex.

This link will take you to the RLS Foundation and if you scroll down you will come to a publication titled Augmentation IN RLS. Click on this and it will open up. The bottom of the first column is where it starts about fertritin level and augmentation.



thank you jumpylegs, will read up more infomation you sent. cumoneileen


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