Restless Legs Syndrome
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What should I do next?

Having been stable for over a year my TSH started to increase therefore my medication was also increased to 150 mg until I became over medicated. My medication was then gradually reduced to 50 mg and three months I was tested again (that was a month ago) and TSH was 14 T4 17 and T3 3.4. My GP was concerned about the low T3 and told me that if it hadn't risen by the next test he would need to refer me. He increased my dose to 75 mg.

Have just been retested results are now TSH 5.2 T4 18.9 T3! I was told by our practice nurse that, even though T3 had been requested the, lab didn't test it because the TSH and T4 were in normal range. My medication has not been increased as I am told that as it has been such a dramatic drop in a short space of time I might possbly become over medicated again and to wait another month and get retested before any possible further increase in medication (I like to be at 0.1) However, if my TSH and T4 are again with range the T3 won't get tested. Help!

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Oops wrong community! Please ignore


well you got me confused there LOR


I thought so! :o) no problem.


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