As I said on my blog post, my doctor gave me ssri,s for depression. After 2 weeks I am feeling massively better. But as everyone warned me they have made the rls a lot worse. I'm taking codeine to help with that but don't want to stop the anti d. Folk said wellbutrin was an alternative to use, but its not available in the UK. Does anyone know if there is any way round this.....cheers

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  • I asked my doc for Wellbrutin but its not licensed as an AD here in the uk. It is known here as zyban and is used for cessation of smoking.

    However, I take the AD citalopram 20mg for two years and haven't noticed a great negative difference in my rls. There was always a bit of breakthrough anyway and I deal with it with a codeine 30/500. It is supposed to be on the no-no for rls list.

  • We do have Welbutrin in the UK, but most likely goes by the name of Bupropion or Zyban,

    It is an anti-depressant that is also used by people to give up smoking, something that was discovered when people were using it for depression. Look it up in a search and you will find it is used here...

  • Oh, snap jumpylegs we both said the same thing, more or less....lol..

  • Yes :) my doc says it's not licensed for depression in the UK. Only for smoke cessation.

  • Out of interest, why cant the Zyban be giving for an anti-d. if it can be giving for stopping smoking, then surely it can be used as an off label anti-d. is there a reason to why it is not used for depression anymore...?

  • I'm not really sure but I think it was removed as an anti d in the UK some years ago due to some people having seizures although this was proved to be no more than any other anti d. As zyban..it is a lower dose than needed for depression and UK docs won't prescribe for any longer than smoking cessation will need. But UK docs won't use it or can't use it for depression although other countries have found it excellent. I was just hoping someone may have found a way around this .

  • No, I guess no one has yet. I still am concerned that even though you may feel better mentally with the anti-d you are taking, how long can you continue on with worsening RLS? That will just make you more depressed getting less sleep and having the beast after you more. In my post below, you will see that the US still uses Wellbutrin as an antidepressant. I am sorry you can't.

  • It is used for depression here in the US. It was originally desined for smoking cessation, but soon they discovered that it had good antidepressant qualities. My niece is takin it. Not too sure it is helping her depression, but it is better for the RLS. It is good that your "brain" feels better, but how long can you put up worsening RLS? Now you are taking more meds to counteract the med that is making your rLS worse. It is oneof the highest no no drugs for RLS. I understand th antidpressant is very important. I take one also, but would never be able to put up with the side effects of the RLS. Been there, done that, almost offed myself from lack of sleep.

  • I suppose GP has to be willing to prescribe it off label and probably has to be able to justify it. I think from Dr Bs letters site I recall that it is actually not brilliantly effective as an antidepressant.

  • Nightdancer...would you mind saying which anti d you take

    It's like a big muddled ball of wool....rls...sleep deprivation..depression...and I don't know where the end of the wool is. I've had rls for ever but I'm not always so low. So my doc and I decided to try to lift my mood first and tackle the rest later. Like you, when I first joined this site a few weeks ago I was at the jumping off point but the anti d ,s have helped me and I'm no longer so desperate. I'm coping with the rls with the codeine..not ideal but I'm sort of stable. I can't change the things in my life which have got me so down..I have to deal with them but I lost my way for a while..

    I really hate moaning all the time...lots of people are so much worse off than me. My friends daughter is 16 and in constant pain with rheumatoid arthritis...I should count my blessings!

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