what is going on with the blogs?

I can see the name or title of the blog, it shows how many comments, but I cannot comment on any of them. The questions are ok, but the blogs are messed up. And, when I click on "blogs" at the top only one shows up instead of all of them, the one by Tebop (sp), it shows one comment, but I annot read the blog or when click on comments I get a blank page. Really annoying.

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  • ah so its not just me then ive had this happening all day


  • Hi All,

    Will contact the site administrators first thing tomorrow morning to get it fixed.


  • thanks

  • Thank you very much! :o)

  • Morning all,

    I have sent an email to the Site Administrators asking for assistance regarding this issue. Will keep you posted as and when I hear back from them!

  • Ah, well i cant get to this site via my bookmarks, had to go the rls.uk fb page to get in...:(

  • This should be fixed now. Please let me know if not!


  • I am ok now, can get in through my bookmarks again....Thank you.. :)

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