Restless Legs Syndrome
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what dose for pramipexole

Hi every one,

I finally got my appointment with the doc who is supposed to be the one who knows about RLS.

All my bloods came back fine.

He has taken me off 4mg Ropinirole and started me on one tablet at night 88microgram Pramipexole, it does not seem a lot when the instructions say take one tab 3 times a day.

Is every one else on one a day ?

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Mine also did this, and then told me to come back for review in 2 weeks, I have slowly increased to 5 a day which is rather high, but it was sudden onset and very severe.


Yes I was prescribed one a day. In fact I only take half a tablet for the time being and it seems to work. It's been lovely to get a good nights sleep for the last few weeks.


I take 1 3x a day. However as the reply show its very personal as to what will work for you.......try seeking out nightdancer as she is a wealth of great knowledge and experience on RLS.


Bob M


I had the worst nite ever. in the end i had taken 5 tablets and then stoped it. i wasnt able to go into work today. Is it best to spread the dosage during the day or take them all at once before bed time.



Hi i've spent most of my day searching the internet looking for answers as I don't seem to be getting any help from my GP who wont see me today and will not answer my questions . up until yesterday I was taking 4mg ropinirole every night my doc has now told me to stop taking it and use pramipexole 88microgram , now on the internet it says DON'T JUST STOP TAKING ROPINIROLE. its dangerous . i've rang the surgery 3 times but cant get any help or answers, who do I turn to now I really don't want another night like last night as that was the worst RLS i've ever had. the only thing I can think of is to just carry on taking 4mg ropinirole and put up with the side effects and the early afternoon starting of RLS. how do I find a surgery with a doctor who is uo to speed on RLS and would they they just take me on ?? desperate times .


Have you checked the drug manufacturer's website?

I found numbers to call and I have visited their website to

learn more about the condition. I have taken that information

into the doctor and Asked for the prescription.

If the doctor has the prescribing information right there in his

hands, he won't have to research it on his own and may be

likely to prescribe.

I live in the things may be a heap different here..




Hi, your supposed to wean yourself of ropinerole gradually, it will send your legs nuts if you dont. when i changed meds i allways cut down the first one slowly and add in the new one slowly, give it a try.

As for finding a doctor whos more help, the best advice i can give, is to ring up other practices first and ask them how they would treat you, dont jump out of the frying pan into the fire !!

jean -birmingham

Reply Write to Dr. Buchfuhrer and ask him how he would switch you from one med to the other. Your dose of Mirapex WILL be smaller, because it is a stronger med than Requip. But, you should go off it slowly, and add the other one in like Jean says. Since they are in the same class of meds, it is easier to switch between those two meds than if you are switching to new class of meds. is an excellent web site to look up meds. If you stay on the 4 mgs of ropinerole (Requip) you are on the highest dose for RLS for that partcular med. any higher and you are in the Parkinson's Disease dose, and that is too high. Then you will experence augmentation , or worsenig of your symptoms. Your doctor is supposed to start you at the lwest dose and work your way up until you find a dose that works for you. I am in the USA, so we have an easier time firing and finding new doctors than you do in the UK. But, as Jean says, ask questions when you ring different places0 how many RLS patients do you have? How have you treated them, and what do you do for them if the Miraoex and Ropinerole do not work, which happens to a lot of us. They do not work for me at all. is a good web site, too, but I like the very best for RLS info. Dr. B knows his stuff! at this point, gving you the best RLS web sites is the the next we can do for you. arm yourself with information from reputable web sites like I have listed. If this class of meds is not for you, there are other meds to try, but you have to see if you can get to a therapeutic dose of Mirapex, to show your doctor that these meds do not always work for everyone all the time, or sometimes at all.


Yes I was prescribed one to be taken at night originally with instructions to increase by one until I got control of symptoms. Two tabs worked for quite a long time but then I had to up it to three. I have been taking three for some time now.


I take 3-5 of these. Sometimes I throw up from 4 or 5 of them.

I am also taking a very low dose Vicodin.

If I only take the 3 then I have restless legs all night. = /


Thank u every one for the advice ive been taking two tabs and that sort off worked but today its started at 13.30 my legs r going crazy.


For me, I have to take 3 of those tablets just at bedtime. I had to

increase my dose slowly for that. By the 3rd night of taking just

one, I was frustrated and took all 3. I puked so many times after.

There is a good reason to follow the directions that your Dr. gave


Also on the manufacturers website, they specify that a full 8oz

of water is needed at the time of taking that pill.

I have taken it both with food and without food. I found that a light

snack works best but get that water and all of it at dosing time.

If you have an excellent gagging reflex (pills stick in your throat)

I have put them in applesauce to get them down. Again that water

is needed for it to work right.


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