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What dose of Rotigotine Neuro patch are you on?

Hi all,

I'm interested to know what dose of Rotigotine you maybe on.

I've recently changed from Ropinirole to the patch, and for the first six weeks everything was fine, my doctor gave me 1mg through to 4mg over the first four weeks, I managed to cope at 3mg, and when I returned to the doctors, she informed me that 3mg was actually the max dose for RLS, however after only a further two weeks, 3mg isn't working arrrggghh!!

I'm being referred back to a specialist I saw about a year ago, hence the question.

I think it maybe useful if others in the UK have been prescribed more than 3mg, as I don't want to keep changing meds (well not so soon anyway).

I'm extremely concerned for the long term as I'm only 44 and now on my third medication which so soon isn't working.

Thanks in advance


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I am on ropinerole and am interested in how anyone is coping with the patch in case it may be an option for myself.

I'm really sorry that it appears not to be as good as you would have hoped.


Hi I have been on the neupro patch for 3 weeks now , I had to go up to 2 mg as 1mg only worked for two days :-( I am on 2 mg and I am just starting to feel a twitch :-( so I would say I soon will be on 3 mg my body gets use to them fast and I get no side effects so far anyway!! I do find it works better when I put a plaster over it to help keep it on my skin as it does not stick very well !


I am on 2mg patch, and so far its working. But your doctor is right Ott83, the highest dose for the patch for RLS is 3mg, going above that dose and you are in the dosage for Parkinson Disease.

Oh, and it has taken me ages to get to the 2mg patch, i seem to have a slow burn and it takes my body a while getting used to each dosage and also the side effects.


Oh, and i just want to add, with all the cut backs that the NHS Trusts are doing across the country, the patch might not be an option for some of us to use in the future. Its the most expensive of the RLS meds and it your Trust decides to blacklist it then your doctor or neuro wll not be able to prescribe them......just saying...



I'm on 2 mg and have been for about 3 or 4 yrs now. I was prescribed it before it was licenced in the UK for RLS as all else had failed. Started on 1 mg and went up to 2 mg after a few months.

I was diagnosed with moderate to severe RLS but on the severe side and I'm lucky as the 2mg keeps it under reasonable control. I have some bad nights but it's manageable now with the good nights being in the majority. I hope it doesn't get blacklisted in my area Elisse as I will be in real trouble if it is. Good luck Ott83.


I've been on 1mg for about 10 weeks but now it simply isn't working. I guess it's back to the doc again.


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