I have suffered fom RLS for many years in my knees and elbows,almost as though someone is making quick spider movements over them,as much as it has been horrid ive been lucky never that often! I have now found out i am 5wks pregnant and every night i have suffered :((( my solution has worked! either cycling in the air and then keeping ur legs elevated all for bout 10 mins,and if ur like me and suffer wit the elbows too,try air punching,all movements that improves the circulation,keep cool too!! hope this helps u !!!!!

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  • Hi xshakx

    First of all congratulations! Lovely news. :) but sorry you have been suffering badly. When I have had bad bouts I too have elevated my legs and done the cycling motion, sometimes it worked, or at least helped.

    Kaarina :)

  • Yes congratulations :-) I have tried these movements and five minutes after my legs kick off I do it over and over but it does not work for me :-(

    Wish I could get off the mirapexin tablets so I to could have a family, here is to wishful thinking !! All the best to you x

  • Hello Rish :)

    Were you on the other site? if so, it is good to see you followed over to this one.

    Kaarina :)

  • Congratulations first of all! I am so pleased you have found something to help alleviate rls..I hope you can continue to 'cycle' when you are 9 months pregnant too. It is so encouraging when people post their own ways of coping with rls...and I am positive it helps so many who are members of this forum. I am, however always on the lookout for something that may help my poor mum who, at 81, has it every night but due to a stroke last year can no longer walk around to help when it gets bad at night. Thanks for your suggestion, however, that's one I will certainly try for myself when it gets bad.


  • Thanku for ur comments,Susie im sure will not be 'cycling' at 9 mths ha ha,but i can only hope that i will be sooo tired by then i will go right out! sorry to hear ur mum suffers and at her age she most certainly cant be doin any cycling,good luck in finding something to help her!!

  • Congrats on the baby! My niece who never had RLS before she became pregnant with her first one, had a wicked last 2 trimesters. With her 2nd child who is now 4, she had no RLS at all while pregnant. But, now, or about 6 months ago she texte me and said her legs were going nuts. No, she is not pregnant again, but she has developed RLS symptoms again, and has it pretty bad. So, obviously, with her, there is no pattern to follow, except that a lot of women "lose" the RLS after they give birth. BUt, it can show up years later again, FYI. Keep on "cycling" al long as you can.:o)

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