Would you be interested in appearing on a new primetime BBC Show?

A production company working with the BBC is looking for people who suffer from a variety of sleep conditions and disorders to take part in a new series.

One of the conditions which they would like to draw attention to is Restless Legs Syndrome and they are looking for people whose RLS is significantly affecting their lives, and their family’s lives. The resulting two-part primetime series will explore the nation’s sleep habits and attempt to improve a selection of serious sleep disorders, inlcuding RLS. Each participant would receive a bespoke treatment, in their own homes, from a team of experts and hopefully start achieving the high quality sleep.

They would be particularly interested in candidates aged between 30-50 who have a family as they would like to explore how the condition affects the wider family as well as the candidate. However, they would welcome all expressions of interest.

If you think you might be interested in taking part, please contact me via email (chair@rls-uk.org) with your name, email address and phone number. I will then pass your details to the production company. I will need to provide a response to the production company by Sunday 22nd April so early responses would be appreciated.

This could be a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of RLS!!!

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  • oo, yes please, im up for it, about time too

  • ;) :)

    Good for you!

  • How exciting :-D

    I do hope that people are brave enough to put their name forward. I do not have to make the decision as I am out of the age bracket required. ;) I admit I would be really nervous about taking part but what a great way to get the word out to others about RLS and how it can affect one's life and those close to you too.

    Kaarina :)

  • well if we all apply and they se how many of us are suffering, maybe that will help our case, so i will still put my name forward

  • Remember to email me (chair@rls-uk.org) with your name, email address and phone number!

    Kaarine, just because you don't fit the profile, don't be put off. I think this is their ideal demographic, simply because it could resonate with more viewers. However, they are interested in hearing from lots of people and their researchers will then identify the person who they feel would be most appropriate for the show. Their researchers may do an introductory piece on the show explaining the condition, the number of people estimated to be living with it etc do it should really help with awareness raising....


  • I do not suffer anything like most of you do on here and my heart goes out to you all. I know you suffer greatly, from your postings and I am so sorry. You would be ideal. My RLS buzzes off for long periods of time for which I am immensely grateful and I count my lucky stars. I wish I knew why but I am over the moon that it does.

    Kaarina :)

  • Kaarina, it doesnt matter how bad you suffer, you suffer that is the point, and if we all apply it will help us, so please please apply :*

  • This is GREAT news, i am also not in the age bracket...and if i was i still wouldnt be comfortable with being on the tv.... :(

    But sure hope lots take up the offer.

    Please please people those who are brave enough to take this up would be a great opportunity to reach out to the public for them to see how we suffer with this condition...and how it effects are lives...

    Irene... :)

  • Irene,i just sent my email, please apply even if you dont get picked, you still make up the numbers, i dont fit what they want, but i want them to get lots of applications, please petal please, or i stalk you ok :) :*

  • Okey dokey, Daragh :)

    I will message you.;)


  • :* thank you Kaarina :*

  • Come on, Irene, I am going for it - you have got to, if I do. LOL I will be 62 at the end of this year so well out of the age bracket required.

    Daragh is very persuasive :)

    Kaarina :)

  • Ok, just seen the Chair's other comment, i will e-mail you my details, i dont mind being included as a number...lol... :)

    Irene... :)

  • yay i knew you wouldnt let the side down petal :)

  • Good for you Irene, :-D I have messaged the required details too. ;)


  • Well i am really well out of the age bracket, as i am 65 in a weeks time.. I have also messaged my details..... :)

    Irene.... x

  • oo, im so proud of you petal :)

  • Cripes, not much time at all if names have to be in by SATURDAY 21 APRIL!! Hope lots of members call in and see this and more importantly support it by messaging the necessary details to Daragh.


  • Thanks Kaarina for identifying my typo! Mea cupla...

    I have amended the date to say 22nd April! Still a tight turnaround but I am confident we will get a few people on board.

    Thanks to all who have sent their details through already...

  • well ive just got my son to join this forum, he has RLS and hes put his name forward to join the programme, the more the better

  • well dont you hate it when your sons still signed in, and i posted in his name, instead of my own, so the above comment is from me ..sorry folks :)


  • Jean, please can you also forward your sons contact details to me (or he can send them himself!)



  • ok will do

  • LOL...Jean..... :)

  • Oh dear, are there anymore who have signed up for the tv programme, hope its more than 3 of us.... so little time to get those numbers up... are any of the board who have RLS, allowed to take part....?

  • I am going to discuss it with the trustees on Saturday when we meet. I'm confident that there will be a few more people interested from this board and elsewhere!

  • maybe you can put a message on the old site if its still up and running

  • I actually meant those who help to run the RLS UK forum and such...meaning Bev and Pinkellie...and yourself if you have RLS aswell...personal question...sorry...


  • Oooo, goody goody...... :)

  • Yes I would but I am just over 50, can I still be put forward?

  • im 63 and i put my name forward, they will know how bad RLS is if we all apply, even if we dont get picked, every little helps i think to make them aware of this disease


  • Yes you can Florence58, i am 65 in a weeks time, and i have put myself forward,,we can count as numbers the more the better....

    Irene.... :)

  • exactly !!

  • I'll go for it, providing I fall in the bracket. My wife would certainly comment on how my RLS and interupted sleep affect her!!

  • I've emailed you Chris :)

  • :-D Good for you, a couple of us do not fall in the correct age bracket but Daragh encouraged us to go for it, anyway. :) It cannnot do any harm and may do some good in spreading the word....


  • Hi Daragh :)

    I had a quick look on the RLS FB link and could not see anything about this that would catch people's eye, who log on there......

    Kaarina :)

  • hi Kaarina, well i did suggest this yesterday, but i went to look and no mention of it yet, im thinking its a good idea to.

    hope your well today Kaarina, slept well myself, no RLS last night, thank goodness

  • I chose not to place details of the request on the Facebook page as we have more active users on this forum. In addition, and with no disrespect to those who use the Facebook page alone, I feel those who subscribe and contribute to this discussion board/forum are those who are actively pursuing a solution to their RLS and might therefore be better suited to the requirements of the show.

  • ok thank for letting me know that Daragh

  • Long may that last for you, ;) :) I hope your weekend goes well.

    Kaarina :)

  • I am wondering if we have an update yet on numbers for the tv programme.

    Hoping everyone is getting good sleep at night, i know i am...

    Have a great weekend one and all and its RLS free..

    Irene.. :)

  • Hi irene

    Yes, there has been quite a bit of interest. I will be sending the details of those who have contacted me to the production company tomorrow. All of those who have submitted their details should be contacted in due course.


  • Oh good, i did wonder if enough people put their details forward...Thanks for letting us know...


  • Details of those who contacted me have been forwarded to the production company, who have indicated that they will be in contact with each person in the near future. Thank you for your help. Together we are increasing awareness of RLS.

  • is that details of everyone that emailed you Daragh, or just the ones who fit what they asked for


  • Details of all who contacted me were forwarded. Although the production company indicated they would like a certain 'type' of candidate, I said that I felt it would be in their best interests to review every single applicantion as there was value in each candidate's submission... so everyone who submitted their details should be contacted in due course.


  • I liked that you said that to them Daragh, i know that they wanted people who fell into the family catagory (sp) but this disease increases with age, so it would be good for them to get a view of how older people cope also and how it affects them...and their lives...


  • oh dear, well they rung me today, im in a bit of a tizzy now, didnt think they would, anyway, it doesnt mean im going to be picked does it, ok , folks, who else has had a phone call from them??. Also, i totally agree with Irene here, it gets worse as we get older, told them so aswell!, they told me they hope to start filming in a month or so.


  • Jean, everyone who submitted their details will be contacted in due course - I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear in previous messages. I think it is good that they are contacting everyone as they are demonstrating that they are interested in hearing different views and will make an informed decision on the basis of these discussions. The phone call in itself is a research phone call; I expect that the production company will have a better idea of who they wish to 'use' when these calls have all been completed.

  • Jean, everyone who submitted their details will be contacted in due course - I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear in previous messages. I think it is good that they are contacting everyone as they are demonstrating that they are interested in hearing different views and will make an informed decision on the basis of these discussions. The phone call in itself is a research phone call; I expect that the production company will have a better idea of who they wish to 'use' when these calls have all been completed.

  • hi Daragh, yes thats what i thought, ring all and then make their decision, she did have quite a long chat, anyone else got a call yet?? im dieing to know!!


  • I have just had the call.........

    Kaarina :)

  • I have had the call this morning too...

    Irene.. :)

  • oh thank goodness someone else has been called.. :)


  • I am very interested in this, but I think I'm too late in putting my name forward.

  • Why not send your details to Daragh anyway, you never know.......

    Kaarina :)

  • Have any others on here who put their name forward been contacted yet? I hope there were many more names put forward than just us that have said on here that we have been contacted ........

    Kaarina :) (who will be a tad nervous if she is contacted again)

  • Hi folks

    Two things

    1) Helen, please forward details to me chair@rls-uk.org and I will forward them to the production company

    2) Kaarina, I have (so far) submitted eight names to the production company and each of these will be contacted in due course by the company. I would imagine that some people might prefer to keep their 'application' quiet until the result is known so they may not identify themselves publicly....

  • Hi Daragh, :)

    Thank you for letting us know that so far eight names have been submitted. That is all I wish to know. ;)

    Kaarina :)

  • Dont want to sound disheartened, but i was hoping it would be more than eight that put their names forward...i know taking part in a tv programme isnt for everyone...but will they be able to actually do a programme with only 8 people, as some of those 8 dont even fall into the age group needed... :(


  • hi, when i got my phonecall from the bbc, after we chatted about RLS and the programme, i asked if i could ask her a couple of questions, cheeky me, anyway i asked if it was just this group that was applying, and she told me that," we have other people to interview, from other places",, i also asked how many had applied, she was a bit cagey on this, but hinted that there was quiet a few.

    jean :)

    ( forgot to tell you that petal, so i suppose im in the doghouse now... :( )

  • I had the phone call and then an application form emailed to me anyone else had to do an online form?

  • hi, cefndaniel i havent had a form, i know they were looking at an age range, and how it affects your family also, so maybe they are sticking to that, looks like im not in they preference, but im still looking forward to seeing what they make of the programme, in one way, i think it will be good, but i have a niggling doubt that they may trivialise it , or not manage to put it over to people how its really is.


  • If I get on it the world will know how insideous this RLS is

  • glad to know that :)

  • Ah, sounds as if they think you will be a good candidate for the programme, the fact they have sent you the application form..

    Like Jean, i am hoping they handle this programme well and do a good job of showing how RLS really is.

    I think we will be seeing you on the tv... :)

  • ooops. I think I am having the worst day of my life with RLS it is in both legs and my arms and once or twice I have had a funny sensation in my throat bit like RLS but how to explain the feeling?????????? Taken two tremodol. Had no sleep last night and two and a bit hours the night before, really bad spell at the moment, augmentation me thinks. Going to see GP a week thursday first available appointment with her!! Been taking Ropinerole before NICE approved as I did the drugs trial for Glaxo so now going to ask for a change, what do you all think is best?? Thanking him upstairs that we are all here for each other

  • ooooo, sorry to hear, yes sounds like augmentation. As whats best for your next med. that will be trial and error. Depends on what your doctor might suggest for you to try...

    Just remember, coming off the Ropinerole is a nightmare, makes the RLS the worse it can be.

    Do some research about coming off of that med.

    A good website to visit is rlshelp.org a doctor who specialises in RLS, is the best i know. who answers e-mails from people asking for help and advise on RLS.

  • Hi

    It sounds like you're going through the same as me. After years of coping with the legs, I'm finding it far worse coping with the arms as well. Sometimes i feel like I'm being taken over by aliens! I've been on Ropinerole for several years now and after reading everyones comments will definitely visit the doctor to ask for a change. I really worry that if things get any worse I'll struggle to work full time with so little sleep.

  • Thanks for that Jean, feel better now that they have other places to look.. :)

    Irene... :)

  • Hi all will you please post on here when the program is going to be on tv so I can watch it please :-) I have just seen this question and sadly missed it as I am 35 on Wednesday and would love to have told my story my restless legs are bad and can't have a family due to taking the tablets which I have tried to come of to have a family and I can't do it, I feel terrible because I am letting both families down and no one understands what I am dealing with apart from my late mum who had rls to .

    I think that there should be more insight for people who suffer as its not well known here.

    Hopefully it will be a good program thanks x Rish

  • Hi Rish

    If you want to send me your details (name, DOB, address and phone number) I can forward to the company. They are still doing research so they may accept a late enquiry. Please email me chair@rls-uk.org - I will post details of the date the programme is to be transmitted when I hear.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Rish :)

    I sincerely hope that there is still time for the company to call you as you would be an ideal person for them to interview. I am sure I remember you from the other site. Hi there :) I was told it would more than likely be shown towards the end of this year when I asked........

    Kaarina :)

  • Hi I have sent a email with my details :) thank you

  • I would like to take part please - I suffer with RLS so bad that me and my civil partner have to sleep in seperate bedrooms, it is seriously affecting both our lives and causing us a lot of stress and upset!

  • I have been contacted by the production company who have advised that they will not now be going forward with a 'case study'. They will however be including a short piece on RLS. Not ideal but better than nothing. The production company have asked if anyone may have footage of their RLS 'in action'. This is an usual request but if anyone has footage, of any sort, they would appreciate it. It could be recorded on a phone or by other means as necessary. Please email me chair@rls-uk.org if you would like to provide such footage.

    Thank you all for your interest. I will pursue the production company to include a wider piece on RLS in any future series.



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