Restless Legs Syndrome

I take Ropinorole 3mg a day and now they are not working. I've tried the slowrelease and they do not work at all where do I go from here?

Is it better to alternate the different meds or stick with one. My GP now wants me to increase to the max 4mg but they knock me for six in the day and after the initial knockout effect are useless at night. Slept uinder three hours last night

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How long have you been on the Ropinerole.....some people atlernate between Ropinerole and Pramerpexole.....upping the dose will only work for a while then you will be back where you are now If you come off the Ropinerole and try something completely different as in not Dopamine, then you will need something quite strong until your body gets used to not having the dopamine. Your RLS will go nuts for a while. If i have made any typos, its because i didnt sleep well last either..


I thought it may help to swap but do not think I could cope coming off Ropinerole but know it does not work anymore. Last night we went out for a meal and a little kiddie on next table said to his mum 'that lady won't keep still either tell her off as well'. Kids have very loud voices sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you change from Ropinerole to Pramipexole you wont get the withdrawals. Suggest it to your doctor...



Follow your instincts, never be 'bullied' even politely by your GP.

I have now settled on:

MIRAPEXIN (pramipexole) 0.088mg 2 3 times a day

NEURONTIN (Gabapentin) 600mg 2 3 times a day

OxyContin (oxycodone hydrochloride) 30mg 3 times a day

Oramorph 5ml 3 times a day when very bad.

Now some days are still appalling but some days are OK 'ish. Without these meds EVERY DAY I would be heading for the cliff!

Stick up for what you want and what you want to try. and what you want to keep.



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Thanks Bob know I need to change meds!!!!!!!


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