Had a lie in today?????????????

Well been up since ? Done all the ironing, second load of washing just finished, dusted but cannot hoover as him indoors is still snoring. Finished 1000 piece jigsaw and am now just about to start work. I make bead woven jewellery and it is the best 'medication' for RLS. The designs are so intricated and beads so small (some 1mm) concentration is needed. Good morning everyone hope you all have a good day.

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  • You sound like me . I got 2 hours sleep yesterday and I am still up . I go to sleep but wake up 2 or 3 hours later and I am ready to get up. I am so tired.

    Are you up because of your RLS? I have not had one of those spells in a few months ,thank God But When I use to work I lost a lot of sleep and I caught myself dozing off while driving home. So be careful and tell your doctor.

    I have been wanting to make jewelry and have looked into it on the auction site.I go to. Do you make pretty good money. I would love to try.

  • Hi You can make money but you very soon learn to love your beads and keep spending all the profit. I have made some pieces that have sold for hundreds of pounds but they were commisions from a very wealthy gentleman who wanted them as one of a kind gifts.

    I cannot post what I have made on here I have looked but cannot see anywhere. If you go on Facebook and look for Welshbeader some of my stuff is on there. I do residential beading retreats in my B&B in South Wales but feel it is not appropriate to post my web site on here. Most people who bead do it for the love not the money but yes you can pay your way, its not the making but the marketing. It's value to me is it my stops my legs going into orbit most nights but them sometimes nothing helps.

  • Thank you so much, I would never ask you how much you made, I am sorry if it sounded that way. I just want to get into something and a friend of mine makes all kinds of stuff and sells it in Florida.

    I love jewelry and I probably won't sell mine either unless I use the money to buy prettier beads. I am on FB too ,I will look you up

  • Just posted some more photo's onto Facebook if you send a friend request I will look out for it. Its 4am and been up for 3 hours already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHH

  • wow that sounds interesting, wish you could put pics on here to show us,. i used to do a lot of x stitch, but cant do much now as i cant sit still long enough now, but i bet the concentration help to ward of the RLS, sorry you didnt get much sleep, i was up early today, flipping sciatica, got me this morning, so ive also got my washing on the line.


  • Sleep deprevation is the worst with RLS as the more tired you are the worse it gets. Beading is a fantastic hobby and withoput it I would not cope with my legs. Not a cure they still go off every day but it delays the start then I know I only have a couple of hours of hell before the meds kick in. Some of my makes are on Facebook look for Welshbeader. Let me know if you find it. Hope you have a good day Lynda

  • thank you, i will look for them


  • i had a look and found 1 welshbeader, theres a pic of a green beaded ring on it, its swansea, is that yours ??

  • Yes thats me will put some more pics on in the next day or so.

    Hope you have a good nights sleep tonight.

  • ok, i will take another look in a few days, thanks


  • Hi Jean

    Just posted loads of pictures of my beading onto Welshbeader on Facebook, been up since 1.12am having a bit of a bad night. Went to bed at 11.30pm so not had 2 hours legs will be hell today but have loads to do so keeping busy helps. Hope you had a good night

  • Hi, yes i had a good night, sciatica woke up me though, but thats usual for me, im going to take a look soon as my pills kick in, im hopeless before that, :)

  • oh wow, arent you clever, they are stunning, i wish i could do this, i do cross stitch with some beading but i could never do anything like yours, and yes i bet that takes your mind of the RLS, at least for a while


  • Catching up, i was very busy yesterday. I have slept well again for 2 nights in a row with minium daytime side effects so those are the days to catch up indoors and because its been red hot here, ventured out yesterday. I will also go to look at the beading it sounds lovely....:)


  • its lovely Irene :)

  • Thank you thats very kind

  • Glad you have had a couple of good nights, slept 20 minutes last night and been climbing the walls today, Going to take my last Tremadol tonight been up since 1.30am. Even the beads do not work today, so nice bath meds and bed on my own in the spare room.

    I am working on some of my own patterns for beginners will be a few weeks yet but will let you know. Have a good night

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