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Hi guys. My name is Jonas, 27yo, I was born in Brazil and in 2017 I moved to US. Since I was little (I can't even remember when it started) I have suffered with RLS. I remember getting beat up because my parents mad at me for not being able to sleep. It was really hard for me as a kid to describe what I was feeling, even after becoming an adult I still couldn't really understand that feeling. I guess I might have a bad case because it's not only my foot or feet, I have all over my body, in my back, nose, neck... Sometimes when it gets really bad even walking I can feel it.

After trying to understand what was going on with me I found out about RLS and I was so happy to know that it was not only me, well, the chances of finding a cure would be out there. I felt sad when I discovered that in fact, RLS can be caused by different things. I tried taking iron supplement, magnesium, fish oil... they all seemed to help for a bit, but honestly I never felt like they were doing anything magical. I even tried medication for Parkinson like many of you did, but OMG, that medication does not make me feel good. I might be lucky that I had to grow up dealing with it. Maybe in some way it has taught me how to be stronger and not let it drive me crazy.

One day I took 2 lithium pills, if you ask me why, I just read stupid things on internet... and GUYS I have the worse episode in LIFE. It was 3 days without sleeping, which gave me so much anxiety. I had 2 panic attacks and had to start taking Zoloft to manage anxiety. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety by the psychiatrist, but come on??? How can a person who grow up without having peace with their own body be fine with their mood? We are all survivors, because we deal with something hard, something invisible.

After that episode I tried more things and honestly I GOT LOST. So my last hope is that our syndrome is directly linked to our GUT and RLS is INFLAMATION. Yes, inflammation makes total sense to me, I been reading studies, and if we already know that the gut is connected to our brain, maybe we should leave the brain alone and attack our gut.

I have done Atkins diet before and honestly I had the most amazing months of my life, anxiety, depression, fatigue, they were ALL GONE. I don't remember having RLS episodes at that time, and trust me, if I don't remember that is probably because it was gone as well.

Here I am, motivated to start a new carnivore diet, I am done buying supplements, I am done attacking my brain, because one thing I have noticed is that our brains are really fragile, the only thing I will continue to take Zoloft, because you can't stop right away, without slowing down first.

I just want tell you that I will follow the diet starting from today and I will come back here to this post and share with you guys what happened.

Thanks for reading this.

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Hi Jonas. I am sorry to hear of you suffering RLS from an early age and sad to hear it is so severe.

Thanks for sharing about diet. If you read other posts on here you will read about some dietary remedies for for RLS including things to avoid and things to ensure you get.

Please let us know how you get on with your proposed diet, it would be really helpful.

Please would you give more detail of what you mean by "carnivore" diet, this isn't entirely clear.

Thanks again.

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jonasmichael in reply to Manerva

Hi - Thanks for your message. Yes, I have been reading posts here and in some other websites and after reading thousands of things I have come to a conclusion that our problem is 100% related to our gut. I would like to share this article because I have limited language skills to express everything but the article talks about a HUGE connection between gut issues and RLS:


Also- By carnivore diet I meant that I am only eating meat (chicken, fish, red meat). It's almost like Keto diet but it only allows you to eat meat.

Thank you!

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Manerva in reply to jonasmichael

Good article.

Thnak YOU

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jonasmichael in reply to Manerva

I am glad you like it. It didn't talk much about any specific diet, but knowing that there is lots of evidence of inflammation in the brain, the best thing to do to heal inflammation is a low carb diet. Judy Cho talks a lot about that topic and she talks about how Leaky gut issues can be the main cause of inflammation. This is the link for Judy Cho's YouTube channel:


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Manerva in reply to jonasmichael

Thanks Jonas.

The banner "carnivore" is possibly a bit misleading, which is good because as a vegetarian of 45 years I'm not going to start eating raw meat.

However it was very informative and has given me a new perspective on the issue, i.e. that avoiding harmful things is only half the solution, you also need to add good things.

A pity it didn't say how to do that which would be really useful. Do you have any ideas?

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kicker2 in reply to Manerva

Yes, Manerva, I am a vegan of 8 years. I could never go back. I have more energy and feel so much better. Now, if I could just calm my legs!

I attended a Food Revolution Summit and heard Dr Brooke Goldner (of Goodbye Lupus) speak on autoimmune. She got herself into remission for I think 25 years now. Free Youtubes and videos and info on her site. From what I gleaned, she has an 8 week Rapid Recovery for autoimmune which consists of 3 blenders' worth of green smoothies (greens, flax seed, and enough fruit to make smoothie palatable) and eating raw veggies and avocado. Then after 8 weeks, drink 1 or 2 smoothies and 75% raw each day. Once symptoms are gone, you can cheat a bit, but not go "hog wild" ... says the vegan.

If you get a chance, check her out and let me know your thoughts.

Good man! You are singing my song.Search for gut ,and inflammation, and diet issues and you will find a lot of information.

For myself, I have found avoiding all processed food is very helpful.

That is much of the supermarket aisles.

Cooked meats, sausages, rashers smoked foods, the list is endless.

Msg is used extensively in foods and is often disguised as food enhancer, hydrolysed powder and such like. Check it out on Google.

Good luck.

Hey , thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, I have been searching a lot and I am very much convinced that our big issue is the gut. Just like I did on the comment above I'd like to share this article with you, please let me know if you find anything interesting: link.springer.com/article/1...

Since I do Intermittent Fasting my RLS have become much better and as soon as I stop it and eat normally they become very bad.

Hey, that is amazing to know. I guess is just one more proof that the issue is in our GUT. Now that I am in ketoses I have no symptoms. I do fast when I am on ketogenic diet because we don't feel hungry at all, but even after ingesting protein I didnt notice any symptoms. I am sure if I eat carbs I would start feeling them. I will analyze and share it with you.

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kicker2 in reply to silkyreg

Super interesting. Check Dr Goldhamer Youtubes and website for True North. I am on the fence myself for doing a doctor supervised water fast at his clinic with the hope of "rebooting" my gut. Let me know your thoughts if you look into this.

Good luck Jonasmichael. Please keep us posted

I will do. Thank you! s2

You're on the right track. I've eliminated my rls by adopting a low carb, anti-inflammatory diet, and don't take any medications.

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jonasmichael in reply to Eryl

It's amazing right? I am so impressed how much damage carbs (sugar/gluten) can do to our system. Without them we can heal almost everything, control our mood, life longer, work better, sleep better... I would suggest you to listen to Judy Cho (The carnivore cure). She is brilliant, man, she has transformed lives by talking about the damage carbs can do to us....

Good luck buddy! I too have huge issues with diet and it seems that avoiding some things really helps - for me it’s alcohol, lactose and really fatty foods. If I eat like a forest dweller - nuts, seeds, fruit and the occasional passing forest chicken, I’m fine, but the one thing I know for sure is that everyone has to find their own optimum diet. Reading posts on here have made it v clear that what works for one person may or may not work for someone else. The other thing worth mentioning is medication - some meds make it worse and some have lactose in them so make sure you dont confuse lactose effects from med effects and end up throwing the baby out with the bath water!

Keep us posted - it’s a really supportive forum and I’m sure that we are all rooting for you!

Leg - Thank you! What I truly believe is that it all depends how bad is our gut. You know? Some people are lucky they can eat all the crap they want and their gut works properly, but for most people that is not the case.

I like to think that our body is like a car, that runs on gasoline, but instead we are putting soda in it, soon we should know that defects have appeared and something will be damaged.

I just want to fight this syndrome and help other people who suffer from it, because we know how hard those days are, we know how much anxiety comes with it. I choose to follow the diet and I am positive that our gut is the key, but I will keep researching and testing everything I can until I find my cure.

God bless us!

My hunch is also inflammation, at least for me.

Thanks for your post!

Very interesting utube presentation and also enjoyed reading the article. Thank you for sharing!!!

Very pleased that you’ve found this group. I’m not blaming your parents but it is sad that they didn’t help you, or at least express some degree of compassion for you when you were growing up with such a bad case of RLS. Good luck for the future.

GUYS - just a quick update: I am still struggling to keep my ketosis. I will try my best this next week to not eat carbs. I have been noticing huge improving just by eating less carbs, I have been taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and I am noticing a difference in my RLS and mood.

I'd like to know if someone is down to test it out with me. The supplement is called Alpha Lipoic Acid. Before taking it, just to a brief research. I am curious to know if that supplement is reducing inflammation.

Thank you!

I take that. I haven’t noticed a difference. Still hoping

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jonasmichael in reply to Lauraho

Please watch this: ldnresearchtrust.org/dr-leo...

GUYS - I found this very interesting. I think I am getting there:


Please share your thoughts.

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