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Help with constipation

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My meds are causing bad constipation. I haven't been able to go without using a laxative for a very long time. I use ducolax but I'm finding it so difficult as I don't know when I will need to go and when the need to go does arise I have to go urgently. Its affecting my quality of life now because everything has to revolve around when I take the laxative. I can't go out unless I know there will be access to a toilet. Tried the GP but no help.

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What are ALL the meds you are on?Do you take in loads of fruit and juice and water?

Do you walk a few kilometres a day?

Dried fruits such as dates and figs are good.

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gobojo in reply to Madlegs1

Pregabalin. I could probably do with drinking more water. I walk a lot and run 5km 3 times a week. Not keen on dried fruits but I guess I could learn to like them. Thanks for the reply.

There are far better and 'smoother' things to take for constipation. Dulcolax shouldn't be taken longterm. I take an opioid which also causes constipation and my chemist provides me with macrogol combined with several minerals. I take a bit daily with breakfast. Ergo: talk to your chemist.

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gobojo in reply to LotteM

Good idea, I will definitely talk to my chemist. Thanks for the reply.

Well I am not a doctor but I think that constipation is partly due to false nutrition and partly due to psychological problems like anxiety and oppressions that chokehold your bowels so they don't move as they should

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gobojo in reply to silkyreg

Thanks for your thoughts

Flybogel Ispaghula Husk is a plant based mild laxative available on prescription and to buy from pharmacies and supermarkets. It is plant based and comes as plain, lemon or orange flavour.

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gobojo in reply to Rafiki-1240

Thanks for the tip

A tin of fruit, of your choice (Doesn't have to be prunes), apricots, pears, mango is lovely. Timing to suit you, but you prob need a restful night, so In the morning, until you find a better time to suit yourself.Hugs and good luck

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gobojo in reply to Spurdog1

many thanks!

My advice would be do double check your constipation does relate to your medicines and not another important medical reason. Sorry to hear your GP isn’t helping. He/she should so do go back and discuss the situation.Practice nurses and pharmacists are also skilled at advising about constipation and should be able to help

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gobojo in reply to Alison7

Thank you for your advice, much appreciated

I recently started having trouble with this related to another condition. I’ve been instructed to take 1can of pears and 1.5 cups of crushed Fiber One cereal. Purée this in a blender and place in sealed container in fridge. Put one heaping tablespoon a hot beverage (coffee/tea) every morning. This should help keep things more regular along with plenty of water and fiber rich foods. This has been a life saver for me. I will continue to do this from here on out.

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Guitarpickin in reply to FluteE

Hallelujah for Fiber One cereal! It is the best!!! The one that looks like little twigs (not the flakes, which are not as high in fiber). It’s a game changer! I haven’t tried it with pears in my coffee/tea, but however it gets in your system, it works! I generally just have a half cup of cereal with milk, as needed. I have never recommended it to someone who has been disappointed with the results. That said, since gobogo has been taking an actual laxative for a while, special help may be needed.

Triphala - a triple blend of herbs - been around for 1000s of years! It is amazing - way better than harsh laxatives. You could also try Smooth Move - a laxative tea.

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gobojo in reply to DicCarlson

Thanks for the tip!

Have you tried taking a magnesium supplement?

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gobojo in reply to Jackiep1216

Yes that certainly helps

Magnesium... the drink “ calm” helps me go

Hi there, my body and my entire group of siblings all naturally leans toward constipation regardless of what I eat. I'm on no meds. However, my sister is a nurse and she uses and recommended taking Organic Psyllium, Whole Husk. It's recommended to take daily but it works for me to take 3-4 times/week mixed in water. Someone here recommended Smooth Move -- that's a lovely tea and typically works as name implies... best of luck

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As mentioned, plenty of fluids, movement and a healthy diet. I have to take laxatives due to opioids I’m prescribed. Fruit especially prunes or prune juice helps. I’ve always found the staff at Holland and Barrat to be very helpful and informative.

I take 2 tablespoons of flaxseed on my cereal every morning. Used to go once ever 3-4 days and I now go at least once a day since taking.

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gobojo in reply to Mum007

Great tip - thank you!

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