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I really don’t know

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I’m still trying to figure if I have rls. I can’t sit still still no matter what. My legs are constantly moving and half of the time i don’t even know I’m doing it. Apparently it’s distracting to others around me when they’re trying to work? If I try to keep my legs still they feel tense and there is a pulling sensation. If I’m lying on my back I normally pull them up to my chest and move them in tiny circles. If I’m sitting I normally tap the ground, swing my leg around, or start rubbing my leg against something in front of me. So I’m pretty sure I have it but I read it normally only affects people during the evening but it’s at all hours for me. Opinions?

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I suggest you check out these sites



to see if you meet the criteria.

Certainly sound like you do have.

But first check out all the triggers people experience- antihistamines, antidepressants, msg, fizzy drinks, colourings and so much more.

Have you had a serum ferritin test at any time- might be worth getting one. Result should be between 75 and up to 200.

Spend some time reading the correspondence in the second site and here ,to get a flavour of the communities experience.

Good luck.

When I'm tired I get it during the day at work and my only remedy is to stand up to work. Even then sometimes I find I have to shake my leg sharply to stop it. Luckily are work colleagues have got used to me!

Pretty sure you have RLS! Sounds exactly like me! I’ve had it since I was 10 and I’m 72! We called it ‘fidgets’ my mother had them. They can happen any time of day or night.

Ive been trying Tonic Water - I drink full glass at bedtime and I’m also trying Magnesium Citrate oil spray (Amazon). Just started so don’t know if it helps yet. Dr put me on Amytriptyllene but didnt help do I stopped taking it.

Hi mate.

Yes I think you have RLS,I have had it for about 50 years now.at first it only came on a couple of times a year but as the years went by its every.day now.mostly at night.it starts from my belly and runs down my leg to my feet so I spend hours rubbing my feet and get up at least twice a night just rubbing and walking about,I don't want to get into heavy drugs so after Xmas i will be trying iron tablets,they say it may work so I will keep you informed.it's hard to explain to your doctor and I don't think they know what to give you,it's a specialist thing,I suffer a lot of i am on a lingual flight as you are restricted in movement.

speak to youlater.

Hi, it sounds like you do have RLS, it doesn't just happen at night, I also get it during the day as I am sitting down most of the day. The pulling sensation that you feel in your legs is very common of RSL, not only do I feel that pulling sensation but I have pain with it, I move my legs so much that I get cramps in my ankles from moving them in circles and it can also go up to my thighs. That is the worst when I cramp up in both thighs, makes walking or moving very hard.

Hi, I get RL all day and evening and sometimes night too. It's been about 15 years since I developed it and I've tried all sorts to help it. It does sound like you do have RL and perhaps can read some posts here. There are so many things that it boggles the mind but maybe start with things you can control like diet. Have you doctor run some blood tests to see if your iron levels are ok. There are posts that give the recommended levels.Good luck.

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