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So last night if felt like I was suffering. My legs had that annoying tingling feeling in them and then I started to feel like I was being stabbed with something sharp in my legs. the tingling and pain goes from my buttocks down to my legs. My fiancé rubbed my legs for me and then I had my daughter walk on my legs until I fall asleep. I lose a lot of sleep because I am woke up at night or any time I sleep by this RLS. ##Requip does not help me at all.

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Requip is a dopamine agonist, and dopamine agonists are considered to be diagnostic.

In other words, if a dopamine agonist helps, then you have the condition. If not, then you may not have it at all.

Tingling and stabbing could be symptoms of a problem in the spine or sacroiliac joint, where a nerve is being compressed, thus causing symptoms like yours.

I have both spinal-sacroiliac problems as well as familial WED/RLS, and the discomfort is different. I associate tingling and sharp stabs with the spine.

Check with a physiotherapist or a chiropractor.

I second Parminter. Additionally, the two most telling diagnostic criteria for RLS are the irresistable urge to move and that movement relieves the symptoms. Have a look at for all diagnostic criteria.

What dose of Requip are you taking and when do take it.

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