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Trazadone for RLS?


Has anyone on this forum had experience, positive or negative, with taking trazodone at bedtime for the rls? I'm considering asking my GP for a prescription for this next. My "go to" has been 1/2 to 1 hydrocodone per night, and the current prescription is nearly finished. So I'll either ask her for the same, OR an oxycodone/naloxone combo pill, OR (to avoid opiates altogether) the trazodone, based on what I hear from any of you. Thank you!

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Trazadone helps with sleep infact i found it worked better than a slerping pill but it doesnt treat RLS .If your symptoms are very mild it may let you sleep through it .Mine are severe so i foun myself pacing whilst very drowsy from the Trazadone which isnt safe .So no its not a RLS treatment by itself x

thanks, Pippins2. My RLS symptoms are fairly intense, so your post has helped me decide against trying trazodone. :-)

I use Trazadone (50mg) as a last resort also for sleep only as Pippin states. I use Ropinirole during my day time and evening attacks, and i have been prescribed Lyrica for nighttime. Only in the extreme but not unheard of nights do I take one Trazadone - again, as a last resort.

It is successful in letting me get to sleep (knock out?) but often I feel a little bit sluggish in the morning, but I've had rest and sleep when absolutely needed, i.e., appointments and such...I am retired.

Trazadone, 25 mg., has been a miracle drug for me! I resisted taking the medication for six months after reading the information from the pharmacy; those six months brought untold misery for me. When the neurologist's only suggestion was to add the trazadone, I reluctantly tried it along with the Neupro patch, 4 mg. which I've used for more than a year.

I have taken the trazadone nightly for two months; not only am I able to go to sleep before the movement begins (even though I've had problems during the day if I try to rest in a recliner), the antidepressant effect has been miraculous for me. Previously, I have taken other antidepressants which had very negative side effects, but so far low-dose trazadone has been wonderful. PS - I am 89 years old.


I tried it and it caused me to have serve insomnia, but I am on opiates for RLS which also cause insomnia in some!

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