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strange feeling when walking


hello,as some of u may know i developed a mild RLS after a single pramipexole dose

never before in my life had i got RLS

im all drug free for 2+ weeks but still have RLS

my question is:

i have difficulty walking,i have less control over my legs when i walk,like after u run 10km and u can't feel them afterwards

i dont have a firm stomp when i move and feels weird now when i walk

does anyone have this symptom or is something else than RLS?


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Hi sorry to hear about your experience I have had RLS for years climbing the walls and walking outside at night I have been on pramipexole but not very good then a different doctor made a appointment with a neurologist after waiting for 10 month's she checked me all over she was very good she asked me what tablet I told her pramipexole but they was a very mall dose she told me they was no good so she. Put me on pramipexole but a higher dose 1 tablet at 3 pm and 1 tablet at 9 pm they are 0.18 my very good some times I take 2 codene with them that is ok it has made a difference to me all the best let me know how you get on

to me it sounds like something else, like a power or balance/co-ordination problem. I suggest you ask to see a neurologist to get properly assessed

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