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Restiflex foot wraps

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I have been reading about these and wondered if anyone had tried them. Scientific evidence is scant, only anecdotal evidence says that they have “transformed people’slives“. I am sceptical as no one on this forum has mentioned them and they are £200 a pop. I have used a tubigrip on my left foot and that does seem to help so thought this might be a better version of that.

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I have been using support knee-high socks/hose and they really do help! I’m very encouraged!! 🌷

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Thanks Gratitude. I will get these at chemist tomorrow -and save myself some money. Do they help calm down PLMD?

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I don’t know that...I only have RLS. Get a good pair. They’re really helping me! 🙂🌺🙂

Coincidentally, I am just parcelling up the Restiffic foot wraps I brought for £200 to return them under the 30 day guarantee. I did not find they brought any relief, and were hot and uncomfortable.

I do find compression socks make my legs feel more comfortable, which can help to fall asleep. But I also find that anything that brings relief (epsom salt baths, magnesium oil, massage, pain gel, elevating my legs, pillow between my knees) only works temporarily. But maybe that makes sense because (as I understand it and I could be wrong) it is our brains that is feeling the pain/twitching in our legs (or elsewhere), rather than it actually happening in our legs. So physical aids can only have a placebo effect.

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