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Hi, new to this forum


I had run across a post here from quite awhile ago that turned up in my search returns. It was someone who had gone dairy free for some other reason, and rls left. I've dealt with rls for years, and have done the magnesium thing, but I don't have any pain with this, so it's more of an aggravation for me that can get really bad at times to where I'm up every couple hours or so. I decided to try the dairy free thing, or MOSTLY dairy free. That's hard- I still want cheese on my salads, and fake cheese is just gross! But I really believe it's helping. I used to eat yogurt and fruit every morning, but switched to eggs, and no more ice cream (augh!) and I think it does help. Still rather in the testing phase to make a firm determination, but I thought I'd pass along what might be working for some relief for me.

I did run across something that says that it's the casein, the protein in milk that could be the problem. And gluten free might help some too, which I did for arthritis anyway. I guess both wreak havoc with your digestive tract, messing up body chemistry in all sorts of ways. Too complicated for me. Trouble is, everyone is different. Just wanted to pass along a possibility that might help some of you like it has for me. So now it's no gluten, precious few carbs, no sugar, no caffeine, no chocolate, and now very little dairy. Ack!!!

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As you say, everyone is different, so we all need to find our own solution.

That's why this forum is so good-hearing what works for others and trying out for ourselves.


The good news might be: In my case it's the lactose that upsets me. You can get lactose free milk. I was thrilled to find lactose free ice cream but then it made my legs kick and squirm. Unfortunately I didn't read any further than lactose free or I would have seen that it contains gluten.

So lactose is also in cheese but apparently not in soft cheeses Camembert or brie and not in well aged cheese like vintage "old bitey" cheese so I can have these. Might not work for everyone.

Why not give the FODMAP diet a chance? There's not much worse than not sleeping and it just might work for you.



Yet again another indication of reasons, outcomes and circumstances of RLS. After reading this post of a dairy free diet helping, even dismissing RLS, a light bulb moment went off, with me thinking gosh I drink so much milk (1-2 litres/day), but then remembering no I hated milk when I was young, and I've had RLS since childhood.

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