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LDN and Pramipexole

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I am looking for any information. advise or any experiences with adding LDN to my day when still on a declining but substantial daily dose of Pramipexole. I have successfully cut Pramipexole from 1.5 mg to 1 mg. (over two and a half months) and the goal is to slowly get to zero. I have some LDN being shipped from Thailand because I cannot convince any of my doctors to prescribe it. Has anyone started taking LDN when still taking so much Pramipexole? I have looked for possible side effects connected to this combination but cannot find any mention of it

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Hi Annie. I hope it will help you. For me, it helps more against the daytime exhaustion than against the RLS itself. From what I know about LDN, it targets the opioid receptors, thus different targets than those of a dopamine agonist like pramipexole. I don’t expect any problems combining it. To be sure, start slow, e.g. 0,25mg increasing only after a few days when things go well or no problems encountered. Make sure you take only one dose a day, otherwise it counteracts itself. Good luck 🍀

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