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Depression and suicidal ideation


I attach a link to a list of medications that may be implicated in depression and suicidal ideation in some patients.

It is a surprising list, amongst which are several that most of us will recognise, and some of which you can get at the supermarket or your local drugstore.

At the very least, do not mix and match them.

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Thanks for this. I wonder how many doctors have this on their computer or on their wall to remind thme of the dangers of prescribing these things.

Its a scary thought that your medicine might be making you feel suicidal!



Graham, I would imagine none of them.

Drugs are their stock-in-trade, and most of them do not want to harm their patients.

Modern Western medicine is not just science, it is a belief system based on the primary value of exogenous chemicals and biologicals.

It is hard to kick most of your training, and the persistent knock on the door from pharma reps who spin the good stories only.

I shall take this list to my doctor.

I was grievously hurt by Cymbalta, Diovan and statins. He found it very hard to swallow because he is a good man trying to help.

Now he must accept that he has harmed me further with dopamine agonists - perhaps the greatest harm of all, because, perhaps, permanent.

I will definately say if you have a doctor that is throwing prescriptions at you GET THE HELL OUT. I see 2 doctors a regular MD and a Psychiatrist and NEITHER throw drugs at me I dont need. I have taken Cymbalta with NO problems. I personally dont put a pill in my mouth until I have researched the hell out of it. I want to know side effects amd how oothers have done on it for the reason I was given it.

If someone pops a pull and hasnt researched it then that is THEIR FAULT. MY DOCTORS arent getting kick backs for prescriptions.

Parminter, the list (box 1) seems to be a table included in ....what? A scientific paper? An article in an other journal? My question is: do you have the complete source and can you post a link? Thanks.

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I will try to track it Lotte.

I'm away for the weekend, so no connection until Monday night.

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This is the abstract, from a paper in JAMA. I cannot get past the paywall, but I assume the list was extracted therefrom.

The JAMA paper was published on June12, 2018.

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Thanks! I may be able to get the full paper. Shall post if something remarkable stands out.

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