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Hi everyone!

Has anyone used the above PRN (as needed)? After going through augmentation I have been pretty good at management of my RLS by just using tramadol when I first feel it coming on. Mostly. But sometimes it isn't enough, like last night. I took 1/2 a Levodopa/carbidopa and it knocked me out. Slept through the nigh!!! This is only the second time in a couple of weeks that I have done this. It might be something to try as a back up without risking augmentation again (at least I don't think you can augment on an occasional low dose).

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If it works for you by doing it occasionally then thats sounds good to me. You certainly dont want to risk augmentation again. What dose is your Tramadol..?

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The tramadol I take is usually 100 mgs but sometime I take 50 and sometimes 150 and, oh so rarely, 200 mgs. Depends on the severity of the episode and if I've already taken it during the day. I'm pretty flexible on that and I've gotten pretty good at tailoring my dose. I also take the tramadol PRN and can sometime go until 8 pm or so before my legs flare up. I am fortunate in that I live in Mexico and it's sold over-the-counter here (as is the levodopa/carbidopa)


This article was published in 2006, but they were very aware of difficulties by then. Why weren't we told?

They also suggest a mix and match approach.

You can augment with levodopa, it would seem, or at the least you will become tolerant over time and have to increase your dose.

As wise Dancer says, don't mess with the dopamine system unless you absolutely have to.

Some of us have to.

You are wise to keep your dose occasional.

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Excellent paper. Well found, parminter! Clear and concise. I have added it to my list of ‘standard RLS papers’ to refer to.

This paper may well prove useful in interactions with our medical doctors (gp’s and specialists).

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